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Coming out of the Intuition Closet #24

Managing Rejection Anxiety

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We have all had moments of fear surrounding rejection, and it can have lasting effects on your ability to speak your truth if you don’t understand it or work to resolve it.

When you fear the rejection of friends, family, and others, it can be an obstacle to following your unique spiritual path. This avoidance can also lead to hiding your own intuitive experiences. This is especially true if you have just started to develop your intuitive awareness.

In this episode, Psychic Medium, Christina Wooten & Reiki Healer, Robert Wooten, tackle that primal fear head-on, shining light in the dark places where it hides, and flushing it out into the open.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast we discuss:

* How to tell if your goals are big enough (2:10)

* What it means to come out of “The Intuition Closet.” (3:26)

* The dark side of craving acceptance (5:50)

* The connection between identity and group acceptance (9:01)

* The good side of the need for acceptance (11:18)

* Why outgrowing your container is necessary for personal expansion (12:54)

* Ways that anxiety can pop up when you start to develop your intuition. (14:54)

* Two major truths you must understand to ease your journey into expanded awareness (18:50)

* Why people pleasing is considered a form of manipulation (21:40)

* How to overcome fear when you are trying anything new (23:47)

* What happens to your vibration when you step out in growth-oriented faith (25:22)

* The importance of building a supportive community to encourage your growth (28:41)

* How to use the pain of past rejection to guide you to deep healing (29:48)

* How to see your feelings as guides to immense growth (33:06)

* Questions you should ask yourself to get to the core cause of your fear (35:23)

* What the message of “self acceptance” is really telling you about how you feel about YOU! (38:56)


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