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How to be Energy Sensitive and an Advocate - Episode 4

Ever walked into a room and felt like you were hit by a 2x4?

The energies so intense that it knocks you back a bit? Maybe it felt like pins and needles, or so heavy that it was hard to breathe, or just plain overwhelming to your senses. Like you walked right into someone's funk.

I'll bet money that you started checking the exits right away, and making a hard bee-line for it.

Intense emotional energy can be down right uncomfortable when you are sensitive or energy-aware.

And yet, if you are this sensitive, you are probably also extremely empathetic, compassionate, kind, and generous. You probably also believe pretty strongly in fairness, justice, and equality, am I right?

But how do you tap into your Erin Brockovich ways, without feeling like you just got run over by a Mack truck?

Serious issues elicit intense emotions.

The good news, it can be done!

You can be an advocate and be energy-aware, without feeling paralyzed, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

Or maybe, you just want to be a safe space for someone you love and care about.

Today's episode will give you the tools you need to get started.

We are covering the top 3 strategies to help you get a handle on your sensitivity, so you can show up more confidently in the causes that matter to you.

Plus, we have some great bonus resources for you below!

As we dive into the details of Strategy 1, you will also hear about:

* 'Being the Love in the room.'

* Trauma is a needy energy.

* Going beyond the personal when you don't like a particular personality.

In Strategy number 2, you will also hear about:

* How your inner Moira (Ego) tries to stay relevant when connecting with others and how to use awareness to keep it in check.

* What a great leader has to do with being an ally.

* Why the societal Throat Chakra has been clogged up and how that healing detox effects society.

* Introducing the technique that is the 'life raft in a stormy sea for sensitive people' (free bonus video below to make sure you understand how to implement this)

As we move through Strategy number 3, you will learn:

* The one thing that will help you stay centered and focused and get out of overwhelm

* How to get your Advocacy sea legs underneath you and where to start

* How the 'like attracts like' principle influences diversity

* Why you have to run toward healing.

Plus, check out the bonus template below to start formulating your Advocacy Plan so you can start making those positive first steps today.

Bonus Video: 'Golden Egg Technique' start at the 2:50 time stamp

To learn more about how to create the Golden Egg visualization to protect your energy in situations with high emotion, watch this video with Christina Wooten, starting at the 2:50 time stamp.

Download the Advocacy plan template to help you get started:

Advocacy plan Ep 4
Download PDF • 207KB

Other resources:

Verify a Tax exempt - non-profit/charitable status here

Check ratings for charities at GuideStar or Charity Navigator

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