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Reviewing Conscious Couple practices (#15)

5 spiritual couple's practices and our experiences with them

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Bring some fresh energy and connection to your romantic partnership - while having some fun!

We tried out five different conscious couple's practices, designed to deepen spiritual connection with one another, and we give them our open and honest review.

In this podcast episode, we review: Soul gazing, circular breath, couple's yoga, a shared drum circle, and ecstatic dance.

Some definitely fit us better than others, and some will be added to our “let's circle back to that later” list.

Dip your toe in to the waters of Conscious couple practices with us and see what all the buzz is about and which practices you may want to share together.

In this Modern Life and Spirit podcast episode 15 we discuss:

* What is Soul Gazing and how does it work? (1:55)

* How to do Circular Breathing to help you get in sync with your partner (5:36)

* Christina's review of Circular Breathing (7:26)

* Something you can add to this practice to see if they deepen the effect for you (9:16)

* How to join a Drum Circle from your living room (11:08)

* How a Drum Circle can help you feel closer as a couple (12:56)

* Do you have to have rhythm to join a Drum Circle?

(Hint: We don't, but still had fun!) (14:10)

* What is Ecstatic Dance, and should you try it? (15:41)

* Robert's review of Ecstatic Dance (16:40)

* What to do if one partner is not so excited about what you are doing (17:59)

* What type of couple would really benefit from Ecstatic Dance practice (20:36)

* How Couple's Yoga differs from just a couple doing yoga (22:37)

* Having fun and enjoying the process of doing something new together (24:40)

* Why experience doing yoga is not necessary to enjoy Couple's Yoga (26:35)

* Which one of the exercises you should do first to help build your connection (28:05)

* Why choosing practices that both partners will find fun or enjoyable is important (28:36)

* Why it's important to try more than one thing when experimenting (29:15)

* Which ones were winners and which were “not so much” (30:33)

Resources from Modern Life and Spirit podcast episode 15:

This is the video that we tried and really enjoyed! :


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