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Soul Food - nutrition to support your intuition (8)

Love up your Intuition with food

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When you think of ways to increase you intuitive awareness you probably think about things like meditation, or or other techniques to calm your mind. But the food you eat actually plays a much larger role in how your body creates the energy field that Spirit uses to communicate with you than you might be aware.

And lucky for you, we are about to blow your mind open with some minor tweaks to your diet that can help you expand your energetic frequency and become more sensitive to the spirit world.

In this episode we give you some food for thought, such as:

*The relationship between food and Energetic Chemistry.

Warning: Changing yours can result in fun, but weird cravings! (4:05)

* The relationship between your Solar Plexus Chakra and your digestion.

Hint: If it’s tired or depleted, it could be diverting your intuitive energy away to keep you going on a physical level. “Gut health, gut instinct, it goes together.” (6:25)

* The 3 Keys to choosing the best food for energetic support. Plus, why a hothouse tomato from Guatamala in December doesn’t taste as good as one from the farmer’s market in June. And, what you should avoid when thinking about over-processed foods. “Best enjoyed in the raw.” (8:35)

* What kinds of foods are best for nutritional support for detoxifying and cleansing your energetic channels. What kind are the best “intuitive foods.” (11:45)

* How you can begin to decalcify you pineal gland by drinking more alkaline water, and how to make your own at home.

Hint: you probably have this 1 simple ingredient in your pantry right now. (13:17)

* Which foods are causing inflammation in your body and how to avoid them. Which foods are considered anti-inflammatory, and how that can boost your energy. What are the signs you are eating too much inflammatory foods? (15:40)

* What are the most important foods you should consider removing from your diet if you want to increase your energetic vibration? Hint: Cows everywhere will probably rejoice! (17:55)

* Which very common additive is the most responsible for blocking your intuition?

Plus, foods you can use to substitute. (19:29)

* Which foods can help ground you if you are feeling perhaps a little over-energized. (21:14)

* One simple technique you can use to determine if the food or supplements you are eating are actually good for you. A simple trick anyone can do in the store or at home. (22:19)


Videos to support you for this episode:


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