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Natural Law: The Law of Thought and Intention #139

natural law the law of thought and intention

"What you think, you become" is a basic tenet that speaks to how deeply rooted our thoughts are into the very fabric of what we consider reality. Or maybe you've heard "thoughts become things". What you may not have heard is that thoughts ARE actually things! This is part of our Natural Law series, which explores the underlying creative force of the Universe and the laws that govern our reality. By living in harmony with these laws, we create a balance and deepening peace within. If you want to learn more about the Natural Law of the Universe, this series is a great place to start:

What is the Natural Law of Thought and Intention? In this episode, it's time to integrate the Natural Law of Thought and Intention. Through proper understanding and application of this natural law, you can create a more beautiful version of reality, simply by applying the true meaning of intention. Some things we talk about in this episode:

  • How long a thought has creative power in your energy field.

  • What is a thoughtform and how this differs from thought.

  • Is intent a thought or something more?

  • Thoughts attach to other thoughts of similar vibration

  • How to consciously create using thoughtforms

  • Discover the true meaning of intent.

  • Using focal points to harness the power of thought

  • Changes of circumstances must first require a change of thought.


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