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Getting out of your head and into your hips with Alyssa Pfennig #82

Taking some time to tap into your body's wisdom reveals so much about the state of your energy and the energy around you.

In this episode, we had a great conversation with Alyssa Pfennig, Certified Yoga Therapist, about learning to connect with your physical body. She reveals her personal healing journey that led her to uncover the power of the hips, and the "woman's second heart".

Alyssa Pfennig helps women get out of their heads and into their hips through intuitive guidance and practices rooted in ancient wisdom. Through connecting with the power of the pelvic bowl, women can transform trauma, break generational cycles of fear and shame, harness their intuition and step into their creative potential in life and business. Alyssa is an intuitive coach, speaker, writer and Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) living her best life with her daughter in Mexico.

(To learn more about Alyssa and her offerings: )

Top takeaways from our conversation:

* Pain is a language. The visible symptoms that your body is expressing are a reflection of the invisible - the energetic and emotional state occurring within.

* You may be confused about the source of physical pain. You can use energy practices to determine if the source of the problem is structural or emotional.

* Emotions, generational healing stored in the pelvis and hips. Carrying the energy of mothers and grandmothers before us.

* The pelvic, abdominal area, and sacral chakra are the woman's second heart.

* Children in your life and grandchildren can be catalysts for transformation - triggering certain healing responses and healing opportunities within your body. Their age plays a key role in how you will be impacted.

* How to deal with what is coming up rather than digging around for trauma. Your most potent healing opportunities are accessible based on what is being revealed NOW.

* Why you have to make space within to honor the messages of your body. Simple questions to help you access your body wisdom and listen.

* Movement is a key to transforming trapped energy. Shamans and ancient cultures have always utilized movement and honored the body's ability to transform energy. Recommended practices to explore what feels good for your body.

* Engaging your body wisdom playfully by seeing your body as your Magic 8 Ball.


Alyssa recommended Qoya as a great way to get started opening the body, here's a video if you would like to experience what Qoya is all about (Consult your medical care provider if you have any physical limitations)

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