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What does it really mean to raise your vibration? #37

We hear a lot of people say things like "raise your vibration" in connection with so many things - think essential oils, intense, meditation - but figuring out what it REALLY means can be the difference between being stuck in your current pain and frustration, or elevating your consciousness to even higher levels.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit, we discuss:

* Why raising your vibration only in the moment is stopping short of what you can really do! (3:24)

* A practical example to help you understand what raising your vibration is like.


* We answer the question of, "Is raising your vibration literal?" (6:20)

* Why the vibration rollercoaster leads to instability. (7:07)

* The path to raising your vibration permanently and defeating your energy counter-manifesting against you. (8:03)

* You can only go so far up, as you have gone within. Chakra example. (10:09)

* How forgiveness plays a role in amping up your vibe. (13:32)

* The easiest phrase and mindset that initiates the process of raising your vibration permanently (14:27)

* What support for raising your vibration looks like and why it is the most loving path to healing. (15:39)

* Radical Forgiveness book by Colin Tipping mention (17:01)

* Why everyone has a path to raising their vibration, not just some people. (17:41)

* The powerful benefits of raising your vibration and how this impacts your intuitive abilities. How core wounds impact your energy field and manifestation. (17:58)

* Working with your Spirit Guides to bring about change. (22:17)

* An invitation to work with Christina in a Soul Reading to align with your Soul consciousness for boosting your vibration. (27:12)


Modern Life and Spirit_EP37_Raise Your Vibration

Tue, 7/13 9:39PM • 29:27


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Christina Wooten, Narrator, Robert Wooten

Christina Wooten 00:01

Raising your vibration is a key step in connecting with spirit and in spiritual development. When you have a clear understanding of what it means to raise your vibration and how to do it, you can see those big results, more inner peace, more energy, less struggle, and more closeness with the spirit world.

Narrator 00:23

Welcome to the modern life and spirit podcast where we explore spiritual topics relevant to today's world, your hosts certified psychic medium, Christina Wooten and Reiki Master Teacher, Robert Wooten, break down how to work with spirit to create more positive growth in your life. Consider this podcast your go to spiritual resource for navigating the modern world.

Christina Wooten 00:46

Hey there kindred spirits. This is Christina Wooten certified psychic medium, and I'm here today with Robert Wooten Reiki Master Teacher.

Robert Wooten 00:54

We are enjoying some much needed monsoon based moisture today, as we are recording this podcast. So if you hear that in the background, just share some grateful appreciative thoughts with us. And know that we sincerely appreciate any rain that we get out here. So we're gonna let it be, it's nice to have it in the background. It's I think it's quite soothing actually

Christina Wooten 01:15

We're getting thunder too, just maybe an occasional highlight to something that we're saying we'll get a Big Thunder clapper. That'd be great if we could orchestrate that with spirit today.

Robert Wooten 01:26

Today's topic is one that you hear a lot in certain circles, and it's raising your vibration. But you might wonder what it means and how would you even do it. So that's what we're sharing with you today.

Christina Wooten 01:39

So I've noticed that raising your vibration has become almost this buzzword that I'm seeing a lot like, oh, if you eat this food, you're raising your vibration, if you you know, use this lotion, you're raising your vibration, like it's getting to the place where it's everywhere. And I want to talk today about what does raising your vibration really mean because when I went through mediumship training, specifically, one of the primary tenants and focuses is about raising your vibration, it's a much more deeper process and concept than it is like to sell lotions. So I want to clarify what raising your vibration means, but also how you can do it. I will say that I'm so glad to just hear the concept of raising your vibration becoming a lot more mainstream, to have people talking about it. And, you know, even to have these things out in the ether where people are asking questions, you know, what does that mean? That's, that's exciting. You know, it's like coming out of the spiritual closet in a way. And when people are talking about it, they're making a reference in manifestation circles, for example, to being able to manage your awareness and what you're putting out into the world being responsible for that and responsible for your moment to moment energy signature that you're putting out, because like attracts like. So what you're expressing, you are sending that and out into the universe. And that's perfectly valid. That's significant. It's important. I agree with that. 100% about having that awareness. In that moment to moment when we're talking about raising your energy. There's lots of things that can lift our energy and our frequency, and create more lifeforce or more energy out into the room for spirit to work with. So things like music and sound vibration are really, really helpful, and have a lot of power and umph to it to do that, things like bringing your thoughts to love or creating a gratitude list, diffusing essential oils, prayer, positive affirmations, etc. All of these things do really work. And they do have the potential to just shift your energy in the moment and the energy around you to those higher, more positive levels, and they raise your vibration. But the focus of our podcast today is how that is stopping short of what the big picture of raising your vibration is all about. We don't want to just raise your vibration in the moment to moment. But to have your frequency, your energy, have a baseline that elevates your consciousness in such a way that you're attracting these positive results constantly without having to even think about it. So because your energy signature your baseline is permanently higher than it was before. That makes a big difference in what you're able to attract more so than just the individual thoughts shifting. It's your baseline frequency that is steadily putting out information and manifestation potential.

Robert Wooten 05:06

Because we have rain today let's talk about it in this way. So water like standing water the ocean or lake a stream is a certain vibration of, of water molecules. If it moves up one level and vibration, when it evaporates, it becomes a different vibration of a water molecule. If it goes even higher into the atmosphere becomes clouds. That's a different level of water molecule vibrations. It's all still water molecules, it's all still water, but it's a different vibration. Moving from standing water cumulate together, through all the way up into the atmosphere where it's spread out and becomes rain.

Christina Wooten 05:48

Look at that, you get a little thunderclap here. I love it spirit's like yes, checkmark, Robert great, great one. And I think that's a, that's a really good expression. Also the idea of a fan. So if you have fan blades, and if they're moving very, very slowly, you can actually see the individual blades, see how they're going. But once it gets very fast, then you're you're not seeing that you're feeling the effects, you're feeling the impact more than you were before when things were moving very slow. But you're no longer able to discern some of these individual elements. So those are differences in density. Now, for those of you who are physics buffs, it's important to understand that we're not talking about raising your vibration in in a literal way of there, there is a literal shift or literal change. One thing to consider is that spirit does not have the same experience of up down left, right spatial awareness that we are bound to hear in the spirit world. So we're using terminology that we understand. But as a technical accuracy, there isn't really a way to discuss it with clarity. So just for those individuals who are like the left brain thinkers and trying to understand exactly what's happening, I just want to put that little disclaimer out there. But this up and down of the moment to moment version of raising your vibration just gives a lot of instability to your emotions, and also to your manifestation work because you're riding this vibration rollercoaster her every day, throughout your life. And it depends on what you're thinking about how aware you are that day, did you do your meditation this morning, I was actually on social media, I think it was earlier in the week. And I got a really big chuckle out of this, there was a picture with a monk who's in his turmeric color robe, and he's walking in a crosswalk, like maybe he's in New York or something. And he's flipping off a car in the middle of the road. And it's captioned "When you miss your morning meditation." And that's exactly what we're talking about with this vibrational instability, the up and down is, you know, that's hard, we all do it, we all need to be responsible for it. But what I want to talk about is what it means to raise your vibration in such a way that your energy is so empowered and healthy, that the baseline of your energy is permanently elevated to bring about that long term reward long term. So the long term reward of inner peace of feeling connected and more whole, the long term reward of reducing the landmines within which can get so triggered by seemingly Little things like the car in the crosswalk, the long term reward of drawing to you positive growth opportunities because you've energetically stepped into this new place of power that says, Yes, I can handle this. And the secret to that result is simple. It's attainable, it's achievable, but there is work involved. the raising of your baseline vibration happens when you're seeking ultimate truth. When you are aligning to spiritual development, when you are loosening the lower forms of the ego by healing things like fear, anger, guilt, and shame. These are the energies that really weigh your awareness down that create that heaviness within the energetic field. And we're not talking about passing emotions here. I mean, sure, there's passing emotions have an effect, but they don't have as much of an effect as repressed embedded beliefs and wounds that are unhealed and that have been sitting there and healed for 20 years. That's heavy stuff. You may have heard the phrase something weighing heavily on your heart. You know what, what does that mean right heavily on your heart and the heavy stuff within that is the very sensitive stuff. The Things that flare up from time to time that still hurt when you think about them years later that, you know pops up and then later you're having nightmares about it. That's the kind of stuff we're talking about really healing and releasing and letting go of, we can only go so far as we've gone deep and done the work. And so I want to give the example with the chakras. So the Shockers themselves are a full system. So we have the lower chakras and we have the upper chakras, you really are limited in a way to what you can achieve and accomplish within the throat chakra, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, all these upper chakras, if you are not balancing and pulling that energy from the root chakra from the base of the earth and drawing it forward and drawing it up. And so the same thing is is happening here is that you can't really bypass it's nice sometimes to think, Oh, just bypass this over here. But instead we have to dig down we have to do the deeper and that's the stuff that simultaneously lifts us up. Now it may feel heavy, it may feel hard and may give us those physical sensations that just, you know, show. Yeah, I'm uncomfortable, and I'm growing. But that is also how we know, hey, we've hit gold here, we've hit paydirt like this is the next tunnel to that higher frequency. The key is when something doesn't get resolved or fully processed, it just gets frozen in a state of consciousness. And so until it's resolved until you alchemize it and transform it, it's just hanging out there in the background, like your personal shadow self just bringing a lot of challenge. So to lighten your energy, and raise your vibration more permanently, you do have to give yourself that healing that you deserve in the painful the tender areas of your heart to transmute those energies from that stuck place of anger and resentment or shame and fear to lighter energies. love and gratitude we know are the most transformative energies that that we have available to us. It's the highest level and it's very, very close to spirit frequency. But it's hard to look at the difficult things that we've lived through and gone through and bring it full circle, bring it all the way around until we we come to a place of peace with it. But you have to move through the anger, the fear, the shame, the the stress, the unwillingness to look at it, the unwillingness to resolve it, the feeling of giving up, I think that happens a lot is people just they've tried, maybe they've tried lots of different things, and it just still is challenging for them. And there's that feeling of like, well, I'm clearly not going to do anything successful with this right now. So I'm just going to sit it on the shelf. While that stays on the shelf for like three years, four years, 10 years. And lo and behold, you start attracting all these placeholder experiences to you to reflect back that same experience that you have to heal, it's like putting a spotlight on who that was a wound there. Now you're going to have this partner who brings up that exact same womb and kind of twist that knife a little bit to draw you back to that same shelf. So you can re fire it again, kind of like the the kiln and doing some pottery,

Robert Wooten 13:32

I will add one additional higher vibrational energy. No, and I think it's a in between energy, because I think it's one of the ones that kicks off the ability to move to those higher states. And that's forgiveness. Once you reach this place of acceptance, that you feel like maybe you're at the bottom of these energies and these feelings. And you've come to acceptance, that that exists and that it's there and that pain is real. The transformation begins at the moment that you consider the idea of forgiveness, and I think then you begin can begin to elevate up higher off of that energy by being willing to at least entertain the idea even of like could you forgive for whatever this energy is it's in your life. It could be a person, it could be an event, it could be something that happened to you, once you start the process of it. I think that's where you start beginning to elevate your energy from that lower level state.

Christina Wooten 14:27

What's the moment that you decide that you say, I am going to shift this energy, right? Even if it's you saying I'm willing to see a new way? I'm willing to explore the path of forgiveness. I'm willing to see what more This brings up with me. Just the statement of willingness I'm willing to give this a try changes the energy because the healing process is that process that leads us to process Right. So it leads us more to resolution to, you know, going back to that being frozen in consciousness, it brings that falling out. And willingness is the beginning steps, how to generate, the healing that we're talking about is individual to each person to each situation. And there is no blanket answer or a blanket solution for how you need to clear anger, ego, fear, anxiety, guilt, shame in your life, that is so deeply personal to each person. But as a general rule, it will help to have support to just push you into those uncomfortable places, the places where the healing really matters, are also the places that can hurt and be sensitive, and that we have a tendency to avoid or even if we're really putting that effort in, we're really trying, we're giving a lot of energy, there's always like a protective part that sort of lays over some of the most raw places. Because deeper healing is uncomfortable. It can really help to have someone on the outside to offer that support to give you insight to give you a whole different perspective, from a whole nother state of consciousness, or some guidance to help you through that process, which can just make it more effective and more loving For you see, that's the thing that I think is interesting is we can run and dive at healing, but it may not be the most loving, considerate kind process for you. So you know, working with someone working with a professional, who really has a lot of experience, in going into those deeper places, can help it become more of a positive experience for you. And also allow you to open into those deeper places, the aspects where one thing connects with the other thing connects with the other thing, you can kind of hit the nerve, if you will. I think counseling can be a great tool. Art Therapy, I think is awesome these days, taking an energy healing class or forgiveness work, a great book BY COLLIN tipping called radical forgiveness. That's a whole different perspective. In forgiveness, I think that can be helpful or forgiveness coach can be great too. But letting yourself have love and support while you walk through this stuff can be healing in and of itself.

Robert Wooten 17:41

I think it's important to think about when you're talking about how this connects to raising your vibration, that you won't really be able to truly raise your vibration in a new permanent way, if you have this trauma and this pain and these energies that are stuck in your system.

Christina Wooten 17:58

Well Reality Check everybody has that! We live in the earth plane, in the earth world, we have encountered a lot of stuff in this life in our past lives. And we're working really hard on it. So we always have a deeper place. But the more that we are working on it. One, if you just bring that the intention of I'm I am choosing to go to a higher level, I am choosing to be intentional about that by doing the stuff that's hard. That in and of itself is a major vibration boosts just having that consciousness of I'm willing to do some of the things that other people won't do. You know, that helps to lift your frequency up. But the more that you resolve it, the less baggage you carry, the less heavy your energy happens to be. So let's just use this example. If you're sitting down to do meditation work, or you're sitting down to do intuitive work, and you're super stressed and you're agitated, and somebody really hit a strong nerve, you're going to feel it and you're going to feel that difficulty in your ability to connect. It's in your energy field, it's all around you. It's like you know, in your chakra points, it just hits you. And that's just in the moment to moment sort of awareness. And you see how difficult that is. So when you release all of that energy, I mean, you free up a ton of energy. So not just equivalent to the pain that it causes in the background for you. But bigger than that. So suddenly, once you've resolved things, something that may have normally taken you 10 years to manifest, it's happening in two years. So you speed things up because you're just suddenly supercharged your energy's clear. your intentions are clear. You're not counter manifesting all the time against yourself because you're Having this this shame, energy, you know, shame, for example is the counter to, I'm worthy. So if you have an undercurrent in a core wound that says, You know, I feel guilty, I'm ashamed, I'm not, you know, worthy, and that's tucked away in a place where you're not even intending to do the work on it, or bringing it to the forefront or being honest with yourself about it being there, you know, you can tell yourself in your moment to moment all the time, I'm worthy, you know, I'm abundant on this. But if you have a counter program to that, the universe is trying to bring it to you, and you'll sabotage it. Because it comes to you. And then you go, Ah, I'm not worthy, I better get rid of it better, like a better manifest is big bill, to get rid of things. It lightens our vibration a lot, when we create the steps to resolve it, when we're just intentional about not giving up to not just sticking it on the shelf, when we're self honest, about you know, I know, these are the places where I need to do the work period.

Robert Wooten 21:23

So I would think that when you get to that place, of more freedom, more clearing of these energies, perhaps you've gone through counseling, you have released these things. And now you're in the process of intending to elevate your vibration, I would imagine this is how your manifestation is going to affect your manifestation abilities that's going to help you in that place, it's going to help you with your connection to your spirit guides. And that's going to be stronger, a stronger connection for you. And, and I guess it's also how you train yourself to be conscious of the moment, you can hear your inner voice. And it's how you begin to train yourself to be consciousness in the moment to hear the inner voice and the inner guidance. And once you've cleared these things away, it frees up that space in your energy field to be able to receive these higher vibration level insights.

Christina Wooten 22:17

Yeah, it's it's suddenly your heart feels like it gets bigger. It's it's not really but your capacity to experience an unrestrained love of self and others becomes broader, we become more purified, if you think of it that way. And so the more that we are able to do that the higher our energy, can live, to be able to connect with spirit, because spirit has to come down a bit. And we have to go up a bit for spirit communication to happen for that information to come through with the clarity that we need for it to come through. And so we have to do our part to lift our frequency. And again, it's you know, yes, there is the moment to moment element of before you sit down for your meditation work, you know, doing some breath work or lifting your energy somehow. But the bigger work is the intentional, you know, journaling, the challenging yourself, your self honesty, and your you know, intentional practice to release and to heal the stuff that is frozen in one state of consciousness and start moving it. And sometimes that moving can be uncomfortable, sometimes anger reveals more anger. But then eventually, you know, anger is a guard, you know, it's a protective, so eventually it gives way to whatever fear is underneath whatever sadness, grief and mourning is underneath. And then from that space, then it can speak to you and process through your energy field, then that releases. But you know, the processing element is the most important part. And what I will say is, when you are ready to shift these things, ask for your spirit guides to give you that help to give you the support that you need to bring you the resources that you need. So if you had been that person that said I want to heal, I've been trying to heal this same situation and thought process and belief and heaviness from my childhood for years. And no matter what I do, that voice is still there. I'm still struggling with it. Talk to your guides directly. And this is where I'm really having a hard time. This is where I really need help. Please support me we have teaching guides for this reason, who are here to give you that information and put that book in your hand to you know, guide you to that counselor is going to say just that thing that is a kernel of truth that you needed to hear. They can guide us to retreats or experiences where our consciousness expands or relationships that help us to you know, process in a deeper way, so work with your guides, to, you know, demonstrate your willingness but to let them do some of the work with you. And of course, that's always makes things a little bit easier, right? Occasionally they'll help us with, you know, doing some work in astral travels, where physical bodies sleeping, we can, you know, work with them in the spirit world and do some extra learning. That's more than we're going to talk about today. But know that your guides can be helpful. If you ask for help, it opens up more resources, if you ask for help. The good news is that just by doing anything, just by having this intention to raise your vibration, even listening to this podcast today, which is about raising your vibration indicates on some level that you're willing, and there's a part of you that is open and listening and saying, hey, I want to you know, take this next step, I want to go a little bit deeper with it, you know, there's, there's a calling that's happening. And anytime you're sincerely willing to put in the effort, you start raising your vibration, so that old energy, the stuck energy, the frozen stuff, energy of those wounds begins to move, it begins to get unstuck, to get out of that stagnation and get closer and closer to resolution and peace. And if we can just focus in one step at a time, then ultimately, we, you know, get to the end, when we get to the journey may seem like a daunting task. But it does happen in every little bit that we resolve lifts our energy closer and closer to the spirit world. What before we close, I will say I cannot believe that it has rained like this whole time is so exciting. We do not get nearly enough rain. And like for those of us here in Arizona, it's like, oh my gosh.

Robert Wooten 26:56

I always say that the difference between people in Arizona and people in other parts of the country are when it rains, say in New York, people go inside because it's raining outside in Arizona, people run outside and take pictures of it.

Christina Wooten 27:12

Yes, windows fly open, everybody's like, Oh my gosh, it's refreshing. And you don't realize how how much that water energy just cleanses it cleanses the earth that just has a wonderful smell. I love it every time and I cherish it because we don't get it a whole lot here. So it just like has this special place. Now my heart. Thank you to everyone for being with us for joining us today for this conversation. I know just again by listening in that that intention somewhere is calling you as is being planted back there in the background, to continue to raise your vibration and lift your energy higher so that you're closer to the spirit world. And I'm thankful that you've joined us today for you know this, this topic this heavier, heavier topic perhaps but it's an important topic. I would be remiss if I did not take a moment and just mention that one of my favorite things to do are soul readings. As many of you know I am a certified psychic medium and I do love to share messages from the spirit world to help you elevate your life with spirit support and guidance. If you haven't had a soul reading with me, I invite you to check it out. So this is a unique process that will help you to shift from disconnect to being guided by purpose. In a soul reading I help you to understand what you're here to do and learn in this lifetime and how to love yourself by aligning with your soul's powerful energy. If you resonate with this calling, log on to SedonaMedium. com/soul- readings. To learn more about how it can help you find your purpose. Until next time, many blessings.

Robert Wooten 28:59

The modern life and spirit podcast is for informational purposes only. The information provided is not intended to provide medical, psychological, legal or financial advice. information provided is not to diagnose or treat any medical or psychological illness. To read the full disclaimer, the Sedona


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