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Practicing compassion when it is hard (13)

Practicing compassion even when it seems hard

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It seems like society is purposefully dividing us all up into specific groups that believe either this or that. And while it seems pretty easy to only care about and want good things for those that are "your people", a spiritual growth-mindset dictates that our compassion is incomplete if it is not inclusive of all.

But how do you open your heart of compassion to include all people regardless of their outward actions and apparent beliefs that contradict our own? How do you overcome your past traumas and pains and not only forgive someone who hurt you, but offer them heartfelt compassion as well?

That's what we are going to talk about today. And while it is not an easy conversation, it is necessary today more than ever to know, how you can still care about those who want to divide rather than unify.

In this episode we discuss:

* The differences between compassion and empathy? (2:57)

* Why Empaths are naturally very compassionate people. (4:04)

* What happens if you “turn off” your empathy? (5:00)

* How you can be compassionate without taking on other people's pain. (5:45)

* Does the Dalai Lama ever lose his cool and get mad at someone? (8:30)

* Why all true compassion is heart-centered compassion and not from the ego. (9:18)

* How compassion for others begins with love for ourselves. (10:00)

* Why forgiving yourself first is a necessary step into letting go of past pain. (12:18)

* How trauma programming creates the school bully, and how it could happen to anyone. (15:20)

* Why holding on to past trauma causes you to suffer, and how you can release it. (15:51)

* How to think of groups in a way that allows you to understand their motives. (18:12)

* How different types of people actually make the world a better place. (19:20)

* Why cloning yourself might actually be a bad thing. (20:14)

* What part “role playing” has in learning to forgive. (21:00)

* How the grieving process supports your ability to forgive and heal. (22:10)

* One technique to help you open yourself up to compassion for everyone. (26:04)

Resources from podcast episode 13:


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