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Intuition Tough Love - what to avoid when developing your intuition #44

If you find yourself wanting to give up on your intuitive development, we're here for you! However, we're handing out a little tough love on this episode, because we want you to know the truth about making progress: It's not all sunshine and roses - you have to actually put in the work.

But if you don't know what you are doing, you may just give up before the real magic happens! In this episode we are investigating the pitfalls that lead to intuition failure to launch.

There are a few, very predictable indicators that you are setting yourself up for failure. On this episode we deliver a smidge of Tough Love to help you understand how you may be hindering your spirit communication progress and help you get back on track.

We also share the things you HAVE to have in order to make true progress in your intuition growth and development.

In Episode 44 of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we discuss:

*Intuition as a process. (2:01)

*The thought process that undermines intuitive growth and 2 key beliefs that you must have (3:19)

*Why you can't want something into existence (8:48)

*How Spirit helps you increase your sensitivity. (11:24)

*A common intuition killer and how to transform that energy for progress. (14:55)

*The energetic hierarchy of needs (16:57)


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