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The Busy Person's Guide to a Clear Mind #81

woman with shoulder length blond hair and pink tank top sitting cross legged on a beach looking at ocean

"Many people are alive but don't touch the miracle of being alive." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Being active and busy doesn't always mean that you are living a life of purpose, meaning, and connection. When your daily routine takes over your ability to experience peace, presence, and a clear mind, it is time to reorient and create space for meaning.

But if adding something to your day brings over a wave of panic - take a deep breath now, because you don't have to find time for something new. *whew*

The age-old practice of mindfulness is getting a new life in the Western world for very good reason. By adding a few minutes of intentional practice a day to the things you are already doing, you can experience a more spacious mind and be a peaceful presence in your life.

* The importance of spiritual practice as holistic - treating mind/body/spirit as one. :44

* Robert describes how mindfulness supports his daily practice and calms the mental energy down. 4:46

* The benefits of mindfulness and how mindfulness helps you not be "lost" in the past or the future. 7:24

* The story of the "caterpillar monk". 11:09

* The most accessible way to get started with mindfulness - the power of the breath. It's more than just feeling the inhale and the exhale... 14:24

* Intuition and mindfulness practice. 21:12

* There is a part of you in a constant state of meditation 22:30

* No excuses 22:30



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