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Mortal to Master: Tapping into the Wisdom of the Ascended Masters #151

ascended masters, what are ascended masters?

What are the Ascended Masters?

If you wish to move beyond your limitations and express your fullest, empowered self - it's time to open up to receive the help the Ascended Masters freely offer. Connecting with the Ascended Masters is like tapping into a wellspring of divine wisdom and guidance. It's an extraordinary experience that can profoundly impact your life! These enlightened beings, who have transcended the limitations of the physical realm, offer us their boundless knowledge, unconditional love, and unwavering support. The power of this connection lies in its ability to transform your life on multiple levels. It can bring clarity to confusion, healing to pain, and purpose to uncertainty. As you forge a deeper bond with the Ascended Masters, you'll find yourself empowered to overcome obstacles, make aligned choices, and manifest your intentions with greater ease.

In essence, the power of connecting with the Ascended Masters lies in the transformation it catalyzes within you. It's a journey of self-realization, spiritual growth, and a deepening sense of purpose.

The Ascended Masters are available to you now to support your journey to enlightenment, but who should you connect with? Where should you start? Is connecting with the Ascended Masters different than connecting with other beings on the other side?

Episode Highlights:

  • Ascended Masters Demystified: Get to know who these extraordinary beings are and how they can help.

  • Discover the difference between Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters.

  • Uncover the wisdom: of White Tara Ascended Master and hear the message she has for us today.


Want to virtually visit Peace Park in Sedona Arizona?

See the short video above.

At the 1:17 time stamp is the White Tara Ascended Master Stupa.

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Christina Wooten helps you access the wisdom and support of the Spirit World to elevate your life.

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