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Self-care for your Third Eye Chakra #22

How to balance your Third Eye Chakra

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There's nothing like a long hot soak in a tub of lavender scented bubbles, with soft music and candles to wash off the stress of a long day, right? You feel rejuvenated and recharged and ready for tomorrow.

But did you know your energy centers can benefit from that same type of self care? The third eye chakra handles so much of the energy needs that drive us every day, and knowing the signs and symptoms that yours needs a refresher, and knowing how to give it its sparkle back can add so much energy and focus back to your life.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast we discuss:

* What are chakras, and what do they do anyway? (2:34)

* Where are the chakras located on the physical body? (4:04)

* How to know if your chakras are flowing or clogged (5:37)

*What does the Third Eye Chakra do? (7:30)

* What are some symptoms that your third eye chakra is blocked or out of balance? (9:26)

*What happens if you get too much energy in this chakra? (12:12)

* One thing you can do right now that can make the most difference in your energy flow (13:30)

* Using aromatherapy - plus some things to be aware of (15:22)

* The importance of keeping your energy flow balanced and grounded (17:30)

* Crystals and gemstones that help balance the third eye chakra (18:33)

* The benefits of Reiki support (20:37)

* How to use specific mantras for balancing and energizing the third eye (21:26)

* What is Trataka yoga practice and how do you use it? (22:30)

* The value of “brain dumping” (27:32)

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