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Compassionate End of Life Care with Death Doula, Jill McClennen #87

Death is an inevitability for all of us...but there is a certain repression that is around it.

We can see this when people avoid those that are grieving or genuinely don't know how to support them. We can see it in conversations with family members that brush off your questions or make jokes when you ask about their wishes, because they are so uncomfortable. We even see it in the restraint that is present as we grieve together at funerals or memorials.

I wanted to move past all of that today, to talk with someone who is supporting others in finding peace with dying. In today's episode, I'm talking to Jill of End of Life Clarity – who is a Death Doula.

Honestly, it is so refreshing to have someone who doesn't shy away from talking about death and grief. I know if we can see death as a sacred rite of passage and a transition, rather than something to fear – we can grieve better and love more.

We talked about all kinds of things from –

* What is a Death Doula

* Ways to support those who are dying,

* How to support yourself and process your grief when someone you love is transitioning

*Family dynamics and healing during loss

* when to call in Hospice,

* Why you shouldn't wait until the end to have important conversations

* the glimpses of the other side that happens as someone begins transitioning,

* how to find peace when someone has crossed over unexpectedly and you didn't have time to prepare,

* how death makes life even sweeter.


About Jill McClennen

Jill McClennen standing sand with beach waves in background

Jill McClennen is a Certified Death Doula which is a non-medical person trained to care for someone holistically at the end of life. She offers support, preparation, and soul level healing to her clients through her work as a death doula and coach. In addition to being a death doula, Jill is a trauma sensitive yoga instructor, and she also uses reiki and shamanic healing techniques to help her clients heal their fears around death and dying as well as work with their grief.

To learn more about Jill McClennen,

Tonglen Meditation

In this episode, Jill shares her technique for lifting energy and holding space for someone using Tonglen Meditation. Here are some examples below to help you learn about this practice and get started.

Pema Chodren, Buddhist Teacher shares about the stages of Tonglen Meditation (11:41) :

Pema Chodren, Buddhist Teacher guides a brief Tonglen Meditation (4:46) :

Questions to Consider

* Which do you fear most - dying or not living?

* What experience would you love to have before dying?

* If you knew you were going to die in 5 years how would you change your life?

* What would you most like to know about the experience of death?

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