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Reclaiming your time #20

Creating more time for your Spiritual practice

This article may contain affiliate links, which means at no cost to you, should you purchase from a link provided a small compensation may be provided - but note that we only share what we truly love.

It's commonly said that we all get the same amount of time each day, but how we spend our time is totally based on our individual priorities. What is taking up the most of your time, and how do you make room for something more, such as a new spiritual practice?

We are going to share tried-and-true techniques for finding out what you are spending the most time on, and how you can “find”

the time to make your spiritual growth a priority in your life.

> > Scroll down for links for all the time saving tools we talked about in Episode 20 Reclaiming your Time. < <

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast we discuss:

* How to identify if you aren't valuing your time (5:15)

* The hierarchy of needs and its influence on how your energy flows thru your chakras (6:40)

* What happens if your spiritual needs are neglected for long periods of time (7:46)

* How to define your use of time by determining your true intention and values (8:37)

* One cool tool to use to identify where you are spending your time most (9:59)

(link below)

* A really good book to read to help you get things done (12:30)

* What are “Noble Distractions” and how are they wrecking your productivity? (12:40)

* What you should not do once you open up some space in your calendar (16:24)

* "Finding your why” to help determine your priorities (19:20)

* The timer that you will actually be excited about, no really - it's awesome (link below) (20:37)

* Tips to make cooking and meal planning less of a time suck and more enjoyable (22:08)

* Why more is better (26:01)

* The kitchen appliance getting all the time-saving raves (26:53)

* How to save hours at the stove during busy times (29:35)

* The real importance of establishing a work-life balance (31:13)

* Reclaiming time by learning how to delegate effectively (32:06)

* Using travel time wisely to buy back previously lost commute time (34:53)

* Consistency is the key to success, and then it becomes a new habit (37:56)

Resources from podcast episode 20 - Reclaiming your time

Another time-saving tip - listen to episode 20 to get out losing time by overcommitting. Practice your No muscle.

Timeular - a 8 sided dice to track the time you spend doing certain things. A great way to bring more awareness to the time you are investing in certain things. You can even get reports to help you see opportunities to get more intentional with your time use.

Picture by Timeular

Finish, Give yourself the gift of done (overcoming perfectionism) by Jon Acuff (12:30)

A great book for overcoming perfectionism - easy to read (or listen to) and Acuff takes a heavier topic and makes it fun, engaging and helpful. Love his writing about "noble distractions."

This timer is everything! - Visual Timer *swoon* (20:37)

You know those questions of what would you grab if the house was on fire? Well, after kids, pets, pictures, important papers, and crystals, I'm packing the timer. Maybe one of my stranger purchases but now I'm a raving fan. (I keep looking for ways to insert my timer into conversation - sigh, no luck) but if you need a deadline to actually get things done or just need help with time management, worth it!

Gluten free, Vegan fluffy biscuits

(that don't taste like cardboard)


Being raised in the South, I consider myself a biscuit connoisseur. When I first moved from Biscuitville biscuits to GF, a little part of my biscuit loving Soul died that day.. (not really but I was pretty mopey). After many tries these are my fave GF biscuits <3

~Christina Wooten

Picture and recipe from

Ok, maybe you have been resisting the instant pot, because the following was a little cultish. But the raves are real!

Instant pot - Save time with much faster cook times and rehydrating foods (26:53)

Veestro - Frozen meals either a la carte or subscription (but no commitment necessary).

Vegan and Gluten free options. We started with 10 meals and everything we have had was really flavorful. A great time saver to have on hand when you really need it so you don't slide back into eating something that doesn't feel good in your body just because it is convenient. More energy = better productivity :) Our very favorite is the White bean skillet.

Here is a $35 off code for Veestro if you want to give it a try.


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