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How to stop overcommitting #18

Practicing Self Honoring with your commitments

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If you are constantly having the nightmare that your daily planner is chasing you around trying to eat you, then you are probably overloading yourself with too many things to do on a regular basis.

How do you know when and how to say no to a project that someone is trying to get you involved in, especially when you are already feeling like your plate is overflowing?

Well, good news! We have some suggestions to help you find your way back to more peace and less stress, and it starts with only committing to the things that really resonate with your true joy and goals in life.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast we discuss:

* The connection with over committing and not knowing how to receive (1:42)

* Are you committed, or should you be “committed?” (3:02)

* Why empaths are prone to overcommitment (5:03)

* A quick way to tell if you are excited to be involved or just reacting to someone else's enthusiasm (6:21)

* How to check your immediate gut response before committing to a new project (9:10)

(But if you don't have one, there's still hope!)

* What to do if you feel bad about committing to something that doesn't resonate with you (10:32)

* Why it is so important to realize how valuable your time really is (12:27)

*What makes spiritual people so bad a estimating their “real” time involvement (13:50)

*Three questions to ask yourself before you commit to a new project (15:47)

* How clarifying your priorities can help you stop committing to the wrong projects (17:34)

* Why accounting for your personal growth time in your schedule is so important (20:05)

* How to learn to listen to your body wisdom can tell you whether to commit or not (21:15)

* Ways “people pleasers” can learn to say no and stop committing to everything (24:50)

* How saying “no” to one thing is really saying “yes” to something else. (27:02)

* What happens if you don't enforce your boundaries with people (28:52)

* How to let them down gently when you just don't feel the vibe in their project (29:32)

* How to check in with yourself to see if you should commit to something new (32:00)

Resources from podcast episode 18 - How to stop overcommitting:

Human Design

Discover your Human Design - use the calculator here Note that you will need your birth time to calculate. To determine if you are a reflector in the Human Design, look at your results under type (The options are Generator, Manifesting Generator, Manifester, Projector, Reflector) (9:04)


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