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Amp up your Vision board (7)

Make your Vision board sparkle with super manifesting energy

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If you ever wondered why scrapbook stores sell out of all the cool stuff in January ... or why there seems to be a pop up cult of people all making EPIC adult collages - pour yourself a glass of kombucha and join in as we chat about Vision boards. Want to understand the philosophy behind it and how to harness your creativity to claim your big dream?

Good news, you are only one podcast away from traveling the world in your eco-friendly private plane to deliver massive charitable donations to a community that needs a hand up, after yoga on a beach (with whales breaching in the background)!

ok, that may be an exaggeration ... but only a little..

In this episode we discuss all the Vision Board things:

* If the Universe was an animal, what would it be? It will totally change how you think of manifestation. (3:30)

* How not having a vision can lead to compromising your true desires. (4:27)

* "The Universe wants to give us that beautiful gift, that big dream, the fantasy for us - but it has to craves that clarity. It wants to understand what we want." (5:28)

* The Quantum mechanics experiment that shows how reality is a lot closer to

'Back to the Future' than you ever dreamed! (8:02)

* the brain is hardwired for ~MAJOR~ visual impact (11:15)

* Where vision boards and object permanence collide (13:05)

* 5 ways to tweak your vision board so that it amplifies your manifestation power (14:39)

1. Know your Soul Motivator (15:49)

* hints to your Soul Motivator may be found in your numerology life path number (16:50)

2. Know your why (18:03)

* Turns out, money and material possessions are not a huge motivator for the Soul - how to focus on

what actually is. (19:04)

* the secret saboteur that is killing your vision board vibe (19:51)

3. Color energy - the energy of common colors (20:20)

4. Positive Affirmation (23:40)

the simpliest source of truth

5. Sit with Spirit (25:05)

* How to have your Vision accessible without sacrificing privacy (28:40)

* What NOT to say to your teaching guides! (31:02)


Resources from podcast episode 7:

*Quantum mechanics study

* 'Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!' by Denise Duffield-Thomas - analogy about the enthusiastic dog and the Universe on page 107




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