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True Past Life Stories #79

egyptian temple hieroglyphs with horus with neutral banner that reads True Past Life Stories

In Celebration of Mother's Day, we thought it would be fun to visit two compelling true, past life stories. These children shared details which only the person could know and in doing so, opened their parent's eyes to a whole new understanding of their child and the world. Join Robert Wooten as he tells two stories that will make you think twice, if you have questioned reincarnation.

*How one little boy’s nightmares led to an obsession with WWII aircraft and a harrowing tale of battle in the South Pacific 1:19

*The story of a little boy who remembered being in a small town in Scotland even though his family had never been there before 5:20

*What happens when a two year old tells his parents he is really a reincarnated Tibetan monk 6:01

*How a fascination with playing baseball at 18 months old revealed that one little boy just might be the famous Yankee player Lou Gehrig returned to the diamond once again 6:35


James Leininger, reincarnated pilot

Lou Gehrig and Christian Haupt


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