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The Power of Releasing with the Burning Bowl Ceremony #58

As we approach the end of the year, it is a good time to assess our growth and realign to the things that keep us on the right path. That also includes letting go of all the things that are limiting us or holding us back. Today, we share the steps to a powerful ceremony used in many different cultures to release old, outdated energies and blockages so you can welcome the New and Fresh energy into your life more fully.

You can use this ceremony for a personal cleanse and energetic detox, to close the year with family and friends, or with your intuitive and holistic clients in a special event. Follow the process and our tips for a memorable experience for all!

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast:

* Introduction: The What and Why of Burning Bowls. (1:18)

* Supply list. (5:47)

* How to perform a Burning Bowl Ceremony for you, your family/friends, or your intuitive and holistic clients. (7:25)

* Variations to amplify and customize the experience. (11:56)

- One variation to support your healing and letting go - if it is hard to let go

- One variation for upping the WOW factor

- One variation to add an inner child/fun element

* Ending Season 1 of the podcast, What's coming up for season 2? (21:14)


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