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The Witch Wound - Don't suppress your power #73

the witch wound, glenda the good witch

There is a collective, inherited trauma that each person must work to heal in order to continue to evolve and have a deeper connection with Spirit. The “Witch Wound” has a powerful subconscious impact on society and it doesn’t just look like burning someone at the stake …. The witch wound has evolved over generations. As you step into your full power, you will inevitably face this cultural wound - both within yourself and in society.

In this episode, we share what the witch wound is and how it became an inherited trauma. You’ll learn how to recognize it within yourself, so you can confront it and heal for future generations.

This empowering episode is a critical, share-worthy reference for anyone who is developing their spiritual connection and intuitive gifts.

In this episode, we discuss:

*How the rise of the Divine Feminine affects how you may be treated by others 2:55

*What is the “Witch Wound” and where does it come from? 4:00

*Why being labeled a “witch” generally lead to bad things 5:28

*A great example of this concept in popular culture (Hint: Watch “Outlander!”) 5:43

*How even alchemists and early scientist suffered under this description 6:41

*Some of the ways this type of suppression shows up in the modern world 8:19

*The role religious fears play in perpetuating fear of spiritual development 12:44

*Why you may feel anxiety when you think about expanding in your spiritual growth 15:03

*Ways we can heal the “Witch Wound” 16:35

*How healing this in your life will attract your tribe to you 18:34

*Planting seeds of a new conscious awareness to bring about healing 20:25

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