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The difference between Ghosts and Spirits #25

Understanding the differences between Ghosts and Spirits

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Have you ever heard someone say they saw a “ghost,” then later say they had seen a “spirit” in the room? And you knew those things were not the interchangeable words for the same being, but you weren’t exactly sure what those differences are? As it turns out, those differences are many and varied, and easy to share once you know what to look for.

This episode aims to set the record straight about which is which and how you can tell them apart. Plus, we also shed some light on what you should do if one is knocking on your wall every night at 3:00 am.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast we discuss:

* What happens when a psychic medium does a podcast about ghosts and spirits?

Hint: Spirits like to let you know when they are around (2:49)

* The “official” definition of “ghost” and “spirit” and why it seems so confusing


* How both spirits and ghosts know that they have permanently left the physical body once that body has expired (6:31)

* A more descriptive term to use instead of “ghost” (8:05)

* What is a “residual haunting?” (9:01)

* How to tell if you’ve encountered an Earthbound spirit (10:58)

* Why you should show compassion to Earthbound spirits (13:46)

* How spirits are different from Earthbounds and residual hauntings (17:19)

* What it means when a medium uses the term “Spirit.” (22:33)

* What you should do if you encounter an unknown entity? (25:05)

* What about encounters with Earthbound spirits specifically? (27:38)

* What to do if you think a recently departed loved one in spirit is around (31:07)

* How to set boundaries with pushy Earthbound spirits (32:56)


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