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What Spirit has taught me about purpose #83

Are you born with a mission?

Listening to Spirit Guides answer questions about purpose, how to live in alignment with purpose, and the correct way to view purpose has evolved our understanding of purpose.

Purpose is much bigger than a single action or some universal checklist given to you at birth.

Christina Wooten, Certified Psychic Medium, shares what Spirit has taught her through thousands of readings, about the true meaning of purpose.


* Becoming intentional about understanding your purpose reflects your spiritual growth and taking responsibility for your alignment

* Soul Contracts shape our experience, but are not purpose

* If you are drawn to accomplish something in this life, such as write a book, take a trip, live somewhere specific, etc. how is this related to your purpose? Is it?

* Lessons and purpose intersect. Lessons are the stairs, purpose is the staircase.

* Purpose isn't just linked to "positive" experiences. Purpose is also part of challenges and the inbetween states of being.

* Plus a special code for you at the end of this episode for 25% off a Soul Reading - schedule your session for any time in June, but must be scheduled June 1 - June 10 at


What are your biggest takeaways from this episode?

Ready to discover how you can align and evolve your understanding of purpose?

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