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5 Questions you should ask in your next psychic medium reading #36

To get the most out of your psychic medium reading you should be prepared, and that means knowing which questions to ask to help move the needle up your personal growth chart to help lead you to the highest version of yourself.

Don't miss one of the greatest opportunities you have to get some direct feedback from the Spirit World!

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast #36, we discuss:

*Why you should ask yourself (and your guides) what it is you hope to get from the reading (1:35)

*Why choosing a psychic medium who is invested in spiritual growth is so important (2:58)

*You are co-creating your journey with your Guides and they have lots to share with you! (4:28)

*What having a psychic reading and a conversation with Oprah have in common (5:17)

*How knowing where you are wasting energy impacts your growth... and quality of life (7:35)

*How understanding the experiences you are having right now can effect your future (8:47)

*Understanding where you need healing as a springboard for growth (11:30)

*Why knowing who you truly are is so empowering (12:53)

*How the depth and sincerity of your questions affects the value of the answer (14:53)

*What it means when you are denying yourself happiness (16:02)

Additional Resources from episode #36:


Hey - before you go, share some good energy and let us know if you enjoy the show by giving us a review on Apple podcast!



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