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Opening to Spirit Safely and Confidently #49

There are basically two ways to safely open yourself up to receive information from the Spirit world: either being taught how to do it with a clear purpose, clear boundaries and an understanding of yourself and the process, or you can just roll the dice and try to figure it out on your own. The consequences and results depending on which one you choose can be as different as night and day.

In this episode, we discuss why you may encounter a variety of different energies when you are first opening up and how to open up to Spirit safely.

10/6 is the Last Day to Enroll in How to Communicate with your Spirit Guides course!

Spirit Guides

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit Podcast, we discuss:

* What can happen if you don’t exercise boundaries when opening your intuition (1:57)

* How you can tell if you are connecting with your Spirit Guides or something else (3:27)

*The importance of having a good teacher to help guide you in the process (3:56)

* Why strengthening your life force energy is so important to intuitive work (5:00)

*What can happen if you try to do intuitive practices when you are sick (and why you definitely shouldn’t do that!) (6:58)

*Christina’s big rule about intuitive development and using alcohol or mind-altering drugs (9:46)

* Choosing which energies you are trying to attract and which you are not (your intention is the key here!) (12:11)

*The energetic yo-yo, and why it happens (13:35)

*The importance of choosing the best environment for practice (14:51)

*Why you should cleanse the energy in your home on a regular basis (15:22)

*What is psychic kinetic energy and why does it happen? (15:14)

*Why children (especially sensitive ones) also need proper guidance in energy sensitivity (18:54)

*Alternative to cleansing with sage or incense if you have breathing or lung issues (20:17)

*Why you must look for your intuitive training with intentionality in mind (21:38)

10/6 is the Last Day to Enroll in How to Communicate with your Spirit Guides course!


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