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Embody your Authentic Self with your Life Path Number #54

How well do you know yourself?

You might be surprised to learn there is so much more for you to learn about who you are and what motivates, inspires and drives you. One way to dive a little deeper is to find your Life Path Number. Based on your date of birth, your Life Path Number can open up new avenues of self exploration and understanding, as well as informing you why some things can work out so easily for you, while others seemed doomed from the start.

Plus, learning someone else's Life Path Number can tell you so much about them, and help you guide your way through relationships with deep knowledge of who that other person really is.

Plus, pick up your free Guide to the Life Path Numbers - including summaries of each number, the lesson of each life path, and an affirmation for each life path number to help you embody your most powerful energy. Find it here

In this episode, we discuss:

* Introduction - Why your life path number matters. 00:00

* How to calculate your life path number. 3:50

* Life Path Number 1 6:50

* Life Path Number 2 8:44

* Life Path Number 3 11:50

* Life Path Number 4 13:10

* Life Path Number 5 14:18

* Life Path Number 6 16:00

* Life Path Number 7 17:14

* Life Path Number 8 18:05

* Life Path Number 9 19:05


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