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Do you need a spiritual teacher? #34

Choosing whether to follow a spiritual teacher or continue along your path solo is a decision that can vastly affect the direction and speed of your spiritual growth.

It is also, a very personal decision.

If you are considering finding a mentor or teacher, we have some things that you should definitely include in your check list to make sure you are choosing the best teacher for you and not falling victim to a fraud or worse.

In this Episode of Modern Life and Spirit Podcast, we discuss:

*The advantage of having a mentor or teacher in your spiritual quest (4:30)

*How a teacher holds the space while you continue to do the work (7:00)

*Who are your greatest natural teachers? (8:00)

*How a having a teacher creates accountability (9:45)

*The difference between taking the stairs and riding the elevator of success (12:55)

*How a mentor helps you refine your practice (14:35)

*The teacher as role model (16:21)

*The importance of setting your intention to find the right teacher for you (17:35)

*Why you should reach beyond your current comfort zone (18:57)

*Using your “truth radar” (Tip: a lot hides in the vibration of the voice) (19:34)

*The difference between learning from a teacher and being under their control (23:15)

*Why you should watch our for the “exalted leader” (24:07)

*Is it a community or a cult? – here's how you can tell (28:06)

*Why you should always retain your own power (30:46)

*What is “love-bombing, and why is it a definite red flag?” (34:54)


Hey - before you go, share some good energy and let us know if you enjoy the show by giving us a review on Apple podcast!



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