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Signs from your Departed Loved Ones (12)

10 Signs your Loved Ones in Spirit are around

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As a Psychic Medium, I often get questions asking for signs that someone who has crossed over is indeed, visiting. Visitations from those that have crossed over occur much more often than you realize, that is, until you tune in to today's podcast and become an expert on recognizing their signs.

We identify the 10 signs that your Loved One who has crossed over is visiting from the Spirit World. From psychic smells to objects relocating, learning their language will make it much easier to stay connected and less confused.

And when you recognize a visitation, we share briefly what to do! Check out our bonus content below for two videos to help you feel closer with your loved ones on the other side.

In this episode we discuss:

* Why your departed loved ones would want to communicate in the first place


* How love and familial feelings get deeper for those who have crossed over.


* Why Your Loved Ones In Spirit don't become your Guides once they have crossed over

(Hint: it has to do with job qualifications) (5:56)

* Why you might be seeing the same number or number pattern all over the place.


*Why your ears suddenly started ringing (and you don't have tinnitus!) (12:10)

*What it means when you smell smoke in a room where you know there is no smoke, or other associated smells that remind you of someone who on the other side..


* How your departed loved ones work with your Spirit Guides to get a message to you that you can understand. (16:26)

* What it means when your loved one's favorite song keeps popping into your head, or frequently plays on the radio. (17:38)

* How Robert's departed father uses a different methods to communicate with him than with other family members. (19:59)

* How that penny you found just outside your bedroom door, or locket that your favorite aunt gave you that showed up on the kitchen table, might not have gotten there by accident. (21:21)

* What it means when a wild bird acts strangely, or keeps flying near you, or other wild animals acting out of the ordinary. (24:03)

* What to do if you think that one of your Loved Ones In Spirit is trying to communicate with you. (Hint: It's not polite to just ignore them – say hello!) (29:11)

* How keeping a journal specifically dedicated to your departed loved one helps continue that communication with them. (31:50)

Bonus Resources:


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