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The Universal Code - How Spirit Speaks to us in numbers #2

Ever heard that quote, the Earth laughs in flowers? Well, the Universe speaks in numbers, vibration, and sound.

But, what happens when you begin to see 11:11 frequently or number patterns that are way too frequent to be a coincidence? What does it all mean?

And what if you even begin waking up at night at the same time?

Sadly, you can't just plug in the number pattern to Google translate and get the right answer. But the building blocks to understanding the why's and the how's are in this week's episode.

Plus, visit the link in this post for a FREE guide to discover your personal number and what it means about your life purpose.

In this episode of the Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we explore:

* How the Universe communicates in numbers and

* Why you may see repeating number patterns and what it means.

* What the meaning of seeing 11:11 is.

* We also talk about why you may be waking up at the same time every night - is it your Guides or something else?



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