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How to tell if you are on the Wrong Path? #80

vertical view looking down of a stone path switchbacks overlooking blue coastal waters

Ever have that nagging feeling that something is "off", but you just can't place what it is?

You're making big changes and working hard to be conscious so you don't make some of the mistakes you made before. You want to create something new, something beautiful, something ALIGNED. You are sooooo tired of pushing in a direction that just isn't bringing you fulfillment.

So, you are extra sensitive to listening for direction - to make sure this time you are creating with all of the support you can muster from your higher self and the Spirit World.

Then - - you hit a speed bump, and then a wall... what's the message? *shaking hands at the sky*

In this episode, we talk about how to discern between those times where you are hitting a road bump, but are still encouraged to forge ahead and those times where the universe is sending you a big, fat STOP sign.



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