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Overcoming blocks: Intuition Imposter Syndrome #71

When you think of your intuitive abilities and sensitivity, do you feel uncomfortable claiming it? Maybe you wonder if you are really that intuitive or if the energy just happened to be right that day, or some outside force made it possible for you to get lucky with your impressions.

Feeling awkward about claiming your abilities may indicate that you have an intuition block holding you back. On this episode, we dive into Intuition Imposter Syndrome and how you can make sure you aren't diminishing your unique connection.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit Podcast, we discuss:

*How to identify this particular intuition block in your life 1:38

*What is Imposter Syndrome and how does it manifest itself? 3:17

*Which demographic seems most susceptible to Imposter Syndrome 4:33

*How intuition development and Imposter Syndrome affect one another 5:09

*Why comparing yourself and your abilities to others is particularly harmful 8:15

*What Upper Limiting is and how you may be using it to define your worth 10:01

*Why Upper Limiting usually starts in your early childhood 13:22

*How practicing receiving and self validation helps to offset the imbalance created by Intuition Imposter Syndrome 16:36

*Identifying your own unique personality traits that drive you to grow 18:51

*How what you see of other people’s lives does not tell the whole story 21:01

*Learning to recognize how Intuition Imposter Syndrome can manifest in a number of other ways in your life 22:49

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Mentioned in this Episode:

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Learn more about "Upper Limiting" and how to expand for more abundance, success, and love in your life.


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