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Is it Ego or Intuition? #45

When you receive a message or impression, how do you know if it comes from Ego or from Spirit?

Ego messages will lead you astray, while messages from the higher realms will lead you further down your sacred path. Telling the difference is key.

In this episode, we are sharing what to look for, to sharpen your discernment between Ego and Spirit messages.

With greater discernment, comes more trust in the messages you receive and clearer connection between you and the higher realms.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit, we discuss:

* Ego and Intuition power struggles. (2:01)

* The Ego's personality and how it shows up in Intuition (3:49)

* Identify Ego messages (6:42)

*What kinds of messages your Guides will give you (9:31)

* Don't cross the Streams!! Let your self receive (11:38)

* Intuition (12:51)

*Why you get messages at certain times. (14:39)

* One thing you can do to become a master of discernment. (20:54)


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