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The Giving Balance #171

tree of life with energy - the giving balance - empaths

Ever find yourself in the endless loop of giving, giving, and then giving some more, only to realize you’ve barely left anything for yourself?  This impacts Empaths, sensitives, and spiritual practitioners in big ways.

Let’s talk about the magic word: balance. Yes, it’s that elusive ingredient that transforms the art of giving into a sustainable joy rather than a one-way ticket to Burnoutville. 🚂

Balance doesn’t mean giving less; it means giving smartly, so that with every piece of yourself you share, you’re also nurturing your own spirit. It’s like baking cookies 🍪—you wouldn’t give them all away without saving a few for yourself to enjoy, right? That’s the sweet spot of balance, where you can be the superhero in someone’s story without forgetting you’re the lead in your own.

In this episode, we go beyond the basics to learn how to identify burnout before you hit bottom of the barrel AND how to create a foundation that allows you to give from a place of abundance rather than depletion.


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About Christina Wooten:

Christina Wooten helps you access the wisdom and support of the Spirit World to elevate your life.

She is a Certified Psychic Medium and Reiki Master Teacher. Christina is the owner of Sedona Medium and co-host of Modern Life and Spirit podcast.

She offers Psychic Medium Readings, Soul Readings, Past Life Regressions, and teaches how you can start communicating and receiving messages from your Spirit Guides - through her program.

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About Robert Wooten:

Robert Wooten is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher who loves to help others to increase their life force energy and heal mind/body/Spirit.

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