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Introduction to Soul Family #27


The link between Soul family and sacred Contracts

Soul family
Soul Family

Family dynamics can be tricky, and often seem fraught with trials of patience and miscommunication. But each one of your family members (and many of your close friends and lovers) has something to teach you and something to learn from you, because there is a good chance they have been on this journey with you before, over countless lifetimes.

Soul family are those Spirits that you incarnated with, to share certain lessons, joys, and challenges together. In this episode, we talk about what your Soul family is and what sacred contracts you may have with them.

Understanding your Soul family connection can be a healing journey. An opportunity to appreciate the love that is behind some challenges you face, with the relationships around you. Navigate life with a little more love, hope, grace, and gratitude for your Soul Family ~

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast we discuss:

*Past lives or parallel lives? (2:25)

*Soul family definition (3:33)

*What sacred contracts help you to do (6:25)

*How your Soul family can influence your DNA (7:01)

*How the Soul uses filters and restriction to grow (8:08)

*How being the Black Sheep in the family can be part of a sacred contract and possible Soul themes connected with this (9:07)

(link to episode #3 about the Black Sheep Dynamic below)

*Life themes and lessons - the information that will help you to shift how you experience your life themes (10:32)

*How Soul family helps you stay on your Path (12:45)

*Sacred Contracts (18:45)

*Contracts with those that are not an active part of your life (21:59)

*What happens when a contract is complete? (25:00)

*How to recognize a contract that you are playing out for someone else. (25:41)

*Why you repeat the same experiences over and over again. (26:38)

*How to escape from the trap of repeating the same cycles and experiences. (28:44)

*Another reason you might repeat similar experiences (30:06)

*How your past lives with your Soul family influences how you interact with them in current time. Where the information is stored in your energy body. (31:43)

*What you need to remember about your past life relationships to not fall into this major trap. (32:44)

*With Soul family roles, how to know which relationships to release (35:00)

*Dealing with abusive relationships (37:54)

*Why you should pay attention to your past life memories. The impact of a past life regression. (38:53)

*How to reach out to your Soul family in Spirit for support (40:28)

Bonus Resources for this Episode:

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Christina Wooten, Robert Wooten

Robert Wooten 00:01

You think family dynamics are hard? Well wait until you get into soul family dynamics. Your soul family can be your children or your mother best friend could also be your ex wife or the boss you can't stand or even someone who really hurt you. So buckle up, because we're talking about soul family and contracts.


Welcome to the Modern Life and Spirit podcast where we explore spiritual topics relevant to today's world, your hosts certified psychic medium, Christina Wooten and Reiki Master Teacher, Robert Wootenn break down how to work with Spirit to create more positive growth in your life. Consider this podcast your go-to spiritual resource for navigating the modern world.

Christina Wooten 00:47

Hey there kindred spirits. This is Christina Wooten. I'm here today with Robert Wooten from, and welcome to our podcast sacred space. We are glad that you're here, take a minute, maybe grab some herbal tea, light a candle, or just take a deep breath, whatever works for you, in whatever environment you're able to create, of peace and light, go ahead and create that space for yourself. This is our Mother's Day episode. And it seems really appropriate to talk about soul family, and these types of relationships. So what we're diving into is the roles that we play on the soul level. So when we incarnate into a physical body, and the experiences that we choose to have together, and the experiences we have collectively, and how we self identify, all of these things are shifting and changing. And they're also different from life to life, from experience to experience. So we're going to talk about how these things intersect today. How does understanding aspects of past lives, for example, influence what's happening in your current life? So how do you leverage some of that information to shift into change, and then we're also going to talk about projection, because projection can definitely happen with past life experiences, and how you perceive someone in your current life. So there's a lot to cover, I do want to talk about a certain concept, though, just to kick everything off. So as we talk about past lives, one thing I did want to just state for the record is that in our human experience here on the earth, plane, time, it's slowed down, it's a concept, it's slowed down, it's stretched, it's expanded. And so there is a sense of being current time being past, future time. But from Spirit's perspective, from an entirely different area where there isn't this sense of time, there isn't the same linear understanding or connection, a more accurate way to perceive it might be parallel lives, coexisting parallel lives versus saying you have past lives and future. However, for our purposes in this body in this experience, that is subscribe to the concept of linear time, we are going to refer to these as past lives, previous things that you are aware of. So and always the magic is happening in the now. Number one is the now. So let's start first approaching this iceberg here by talking about soul family, and what does soul family even mean? So soul family, we can think of that like groups. It's groups in the spirit world that we are learning with frequently. So we could think of it as like a classroom. So it's all of the members in homeroom that you are grouped together with by grade. By, you know, similarities. You all end up in this homeroom. Now in the concept of soul family, the things that determine what soul family you're in have to do with vibrational rate have to do with themes that you're learning has to do with experiences that you've had. So there's mainly it has to do with vibrational rate in the themes collectively that you're experiencing. So, soul family, you remain in this group for long periods of time, so many, many lifetimes, you are very connected with this particular soul family, let's call a lifetime, a group project. Okay? So in this concept, these soul families who you pull from, to be group members on specific situations, tasks, things that you're wanting to learn, and the same thing that they are going to pull from you where you play. Specific or certain role to support them and that level of learning. So in your soul family, which is pretty, you know, vast considering there are smaller groups that are incarnating together for one lifetime. And then in another lifetime that, you know, can break up and shift, and so you're incarnating with other members from the soul family, there are certain people that you might have more frequently, in just in you riff well together, basically. So or it's more of an effective connection,

Robert Wooten 05:33

I'll really like your comparative to the classroom, the way I would look at it would be, if you look at the people, maybe you started kindergarten with, versus the people who are your friends in high school, there might be some of those same people, but you may be out of resonance with some of the people by say, third or fourth grade, before you were moving on into high school, they're still there, they're still in your orbit, and they still play a role in the lessons that either you're learning or you're teaching. And yet at the same time, they're not directly connected, perhaps with a current lesson if you as you're moving along in the process.

Christina Wooten 06:11

Yeah, it's, it's just not the people that you're, you know, tagging going, Okay, come on, we're, we're doing this together, you know, not that you're not connected, not that you're mute, because everything is connected from that higher perspective. But in the purposes of incarnating, especially for your contracts, you're going to be picking from soul family. And these are your positive contracts and your difficult contracts. Because we choose from this collective from this, you know, loving group of individuals to support us in creating some sort of internal change, or the ability to have an internal change that transforms our external experiences. So that's what our soul family is helping us to do. Because a lot of our very significant relationships that influence a good chunk of our life involves family, a lot of your family is typically soul family, even your great great aunt can be soul family members for you, because keeping in mind, how everything works together, blending together, as they may be contributing this piece of DNA to you. So they're supporting you in some way in a way that you need, you know, several generations back or to the side. So there's a complexity to it, that just is fascinating and exciting. But a lot of the members, not every single one in your immediate family necessarily has to be soul family, it is not a given that they are, you know, there can be those that you know, are popping in to play a very specific role that you do have a contract with, but maybe it's not necessarily soul family, your biological family, you can get some clues, or some indications that they're possibly soul family for you. And one of the things you might look at is what are some of the similarities that you have where what are the places that you do connect on, and that can kind of give you a little bit of clue or a little bit of understanding about the vibration and the resonance. Keeping in mind, though, that in every lifetime, we're all exhibiting certain themes. And we're restrained in many ways, by personality, by roles by the physical body, you know, all of that is, you can't take something that's so extraordinarily massive, like the soul energy, and squish it into this, you know, tiny body into this, you have to restrain it to a certain way through all of these filters, and all of these lenses to have a specific level of understanding. So, you know, we do have all of these filters, and those can feel overwhelming, at times frustrating, you know, there's parts of us that, you know, are very difficult or resistant to change, or we're not able to physically change for some reason. So when we're talking about soul families, it makes me think about back in Episode Three, when we talked about finding your power in your black sheep dynamic. How does that play into the definitions and the complexities of your soul family dynamic as well? It's definitely a factor because for the most part, people who are that hot pink crayon that we talked about in episode three, that has a big impact and has a big influence. And I would say that for people who are in that dynamic where there is a certain level of rejection, whether it's you know, self perceived, whether it is activated and reinforced by family or unhealthy dynamics, then it usually has a pretty significant impact on the direction that that person goes in and sometimes the filter that they see themselves in, so


As a result, you know, for the most part, those are contracted relationships. And it can be, for example, if you are the hot pink crayon, part of your theme might be, or you're learning to develop independence, or to learn how to trust yourself, or learn how to go to trust your instincts before other people. Or perhaps it's, you know, your theme is very specific to needing to accept yourself and go into a deep self love, or we talked about self celebration before.

Christina Wooten 10:32

What's interesting about lessons in general, just kind of taking a sidestep is, you can have a theme, let's use freedom. So the theme of freedom on the soul level, you can experience all the different dimensions along that spectrum of freedom, including the opposite. And that is all part of the same theme. So for example, it's not uncommon to see someone who has a freedom theme, incarcerated, it's not uncommon for people who have a freedom theme to, you know, convert a van into a travel van and be you know, in the van down by the river and enjoying, you know, the world and all the travel and everything that it has to offer and the ability to experience it, for example, the incarcerated person is going to have a much deeper expression and desire for freedom, and also is going to have to learn to create freedom within themselves that isn't external, they have to determine like, what's yours? what's yours? So that is all on the same spectrum. There's no real right or wrong, you have exceptional choice and how you want to experience certain things, what you want to explore how you want to experience your freedom theme. So you have a theme. Okay, this is what I want to work on. This is a self imposed theme, okay? When you come into the incarnation, and then there's opportunities of Okay, what will help you to experience this, and all the levels of this in a very deep way, because we have a tendency to think freedom, for example, is external. So the idea of freedom is money, if I just have enough money, then I can just run off to Europe and galavant about and, you know, jump on the cruise ship and those kind of things. But how many wealthy people seem really free? Not many, it's not an external circumstance, as much as it's an internal battle with our own mind. So most freedom themes, bring a lot of focus on the mind the thoughts releasing the limiting beliefs. So that's really the goal is you're going to choose soul family or other people also, to help reinforce the theme and help you stay on track. It's almost like these relationships can be like your concrete barriers on the side of the road, that just kind of keep you up, we're going here up, we're going here. So that dynamic, why you still have a lot of choice and how you connect with them, or what your thought process is about them. To a certain level, that dynamic can keep you a little bit contained or moving in this area, I believe there can be multiple lessons you're trying to learn throughout as well. As well as if you want to go into the levels of karma that you might be also having to adjust for, for the last past lives that incurred certain karma as well. It can be very complex. When you're looking at how you are living out your theme. I would think that the first step would be that introspection to help you try to figure out what your themes and lessons are. And then you look around to see who are the people in your soul family that are either pushing you or pulling you through these themes and lessons that you're trying to learn. If you say there's a singular theme, it is simplifying, there are parallel coexisting themes. It is a big spiderweb of themes all pulling in together. So there, there isn't a true singular theme. Like you were saying, most of the time, it's very difficult to discern your theme, your primary theme or your primary program or the parts of yourself because it is it's something you're growing into, versus something that you naturally identify with. So it's for like that...Going back to the freedom example. Most people who are in experiencing that spectrum probably aren't going to realize, Oh, my, my message is freedom and challenging my limiting beliefs. And that's why I'm in prison today. Again, we're back to the concept of it's something you're dealing with internal. So it's it is difficult to really truly tease out. I do think you can look at those experiences and situations in your life where you say, I learned this period, and it's not the stuff where you say, I learned this out of trauma, like I learned, you never trust this situation, when you can say that, and it comes with pain. And it just even the words create pain to your body, if you're paying attention to your own resonance, when you say it out loud, how does your body react, if your body kind of recoils or, you know, feels very heavy, it's like to that that's not the kind of learning I'm talking about. But to be able to say, in a peaceful way, as I look back on this experience, I realized I contributed to this here. And I now have learned now everything's gone full circle to where I came to gratitude. So as a result of having learned the full circle element, now I can see with appreciation, this is what I learned. Because we have to go from a learning perspective, we have to go full circle, with everything. And when you hit the gratitude place, no matter how atrocious what you experienced was, when you hit that place, is when you know that lesson is complete. And that may be in this lifetime. It may be in other lifetimes that that completion happens. And you mentioned karma. Karma is an imbalance of energy. It's not a punitive or a punishment, or, you know, a lot of the stuff that's added on, you know, they are very human ego in the concept of karma think is, I don't think it truly represents it's very egoFIDE version, when people typically are talking about karma, instead of at the higher level. So if in our definition, if we can just consider karma being an imbalance of energy. So this, this occurs, and as a result, this opportunity comes to rebalance the energy, and so forth. Again, neither with a right or wrong element to it, it just simply is a we're always trying to seek that neutral. I've always thought that using the word balance instead of karma would keep you in the right mindset for understanding how it works and what it does. because like you said, it's when people use the word karma quite often, they only look at it from the punitive side, that it is coming to punish you for something that you've done. But it's, it's all about balance. I think karma though truth truthfully, in the conversation that I have had, for a lot of people is it's fraught with overthinking. It's this concept of like, why is this happening to me what's occurring, it's, it's this element, like, let me figure it out, so that I can figure out how shifted, or how to change it or, and it ends up being this this overthinking element. And anytime we're in that space, we're not in our heart, we're not in our natural response element, which is, you know, the highest and best outcome, we just get into this mental space, which creates confusion and irritation, honestly, it's like, why can't I figure out what's happening? You know, it's like, no, yes, there is karma at play things that are being rebalanced in your life right. Now. Second truth, you don't have to know what they are, period, hard stop, you do not have to know what they are.

Robert Wooten 18:24

Well, let's get back to talking about the soul family dynamic, when we're trying to figure out and identify a, who the soul family members might be that we know right now, or will know into the future and be what is our purpose in their lives? And what is their purpose in our lives in this incarnation for the lessons that we're trying to learn?

Christina Wooten 18:45

Okay, to answer that, we're going to need to talk about contracts. So, contracts are called contracts for a reason. So these are commitments that your soul makes with another member, typically of your soul family, to express a certain role or to play out a certain experience with the intention being that it ultimately generates some sort of change, or helps to rebalance and energy or allows for someone to experience something along their spectrum of the theme that they are choosing, okay. So this is something that we, on a higher level knowingly enter into. Now, contracts are contracts for a reason, because it's a commitment that we both make. And because it's a higher commitment, we choose to honor that, you know, it's a incredible form of integrity. Our human self is like, get me out of here. This is horrific, like, I just don't want to keep giving to this person. I don't want to keep doing this, whatever it happens to be. However, you know, our soul, our spirit side is in that sense of pure integrity. So it's holding that space. Holding the beauty, of course, knowing how things work out and unaffected on a higher level by the things that are happening, because of that level of commitment. A contract is something that is significant to the soul's growth itself in why that soul chose this personality, why I chose this body, why I chose this family, why I chose this particular experiences is significant in helping to shape or mold this element of potential and clay, which is pure energy into some form of an expression, it's not something that you can get out of easily. Because of that integrity, we have to complete the course... complete a certain level of learning, before we go on to the next thing, think of it like a module, okay, I'm taking a class, I'm learning this, you know, module, you don't get to go to Module Two, until you have been able to complete module one. So that's what these relationships help us do. They help us to grow in some way, shape, or form. And it doesn't mean that it has to be a negative contract, you can have contracts that produce negative feelings for you, you can have contracts that produce very positive feelings for you. So an example of a positive contract would be someone who just feels this deep desire to give to someone, I just want to Will my house to them, I want to support them throughout their life, you know, I'm encouraging them every step of the way, that person is probably a contract for that individual in a positive, meaningful way. You can also have a positive contract with someone where you need a specific resource, for example, in order to go to the next level, or move to another place in your path, and someone pops in with the resource that you're needing. And maybe they were contracted just for that tiny period for that tiny contribution, and then moves on. Now, a contract can also, you know, elicit some negative feelings because we our egos do not like to be challenged, our experiences can be very dualistic here. So it can bring up a lot of frustration, it can bring up a lot of emotion as we are working through everything. also wanted to mention that you can have a contract with someone who doesn't have a strong influence in your life, but their absence has a strong influence. So, for example, if you had a father figure who abandoned or left the family at an early age, that absence can shape significantly the experience of that person. And that can be a contract, even though it's an experience that's, you know, confined that short, maybe they never have communication again, still, that can be a contract. So there's lots of different types of contracts. The beautiful thing is that it's all part of our evolution, we are knowingly choosing to engage with these individuals who are helping us in the big picture, learn but also grow in love and grow and compassion. And that process is an odyssey, it is truly a journey, to learn how to love the parts of our self that are shadow, to love those elements and other people and to feel truly the deep freedom that comes with unconditional love. So that is the quest, the end goal is this beautiful element. But it comes in packages, the journey there comes in packages in a contract relationship typically is someone that has a very significant role in your life. And that, again, that can be positive or negative. And it can also be someone that is like kudzu, it's real difficult. You just cannot get away from them. You're trying so hard, you just can't they keep popping up. Maybe it's a really difficult family relationship that you really struggle with. Maybe it's a very challenging authoritarian boss that you have a lot of difficulty with, but you're still feeling like well, I need to just keep keep going keep keep moving forward. So staying in certain circumstances or situations maintains the intensity of that particular relationship. So those can be examples of, you know, contracts in that way. But I just think of it kudzu, you can try and cut that thing down. You just cannot get away as much as you try thinking ex wife ex husband, that is a contract. And, you know, that's that can be really hard. It can be very challenging, but on some level, they're teaching you. Sometimes it's to respect yourself. Sometimes it's to create lots of boundaries and


There's so many different aspects, taking it to that place, once you have completed the contract, or you feel like the contract is completed, I would imagine that that person sort of fades away, or that person is not so impactful in your life anymore. Not necessarily, I mean, they can still be present in your life, but they may not hold the same role for you anymore. So suddenly, it's, oh, it shifts like I do respect you. Now, yes, that something changes in the dynamic because they don't have any pressure anymore on a higher level, to express something. Once you've learned it, they're they're released that that's free.

Christina Wooten 25:41

But you also everyone are playing roles for multiple people in your lives as well. And so you have contracts that you're playing out. And if you can think of certain experiences that you've had, where you've really, really tried for something to work out or to show up for this person over and over again, and something no matter what you do, you keep ending up playing out this role. So you're trying so hard, and no matter what you do, you end up looking undependable or unreliable to that person. So there are these types of places where you might feel, why am I showing up like this? Or why does this always happen with just this one person? Well, you are mirroring something to them. And it's a contract more than likely, that they're needing to work on for their growth. But yes, once a contract is released, you know, just shift and change the energy if one partner of the contract is complete, or learns what they need to do, on a higher level from that experience, because what's nice about a contract is there isn't an exchange, there isn't a situation where it doesn't serve the other party. Also, it serves both equally to participate. So it's going to help one person to be on one side of the contract, it helps the other person in how the other person shows up in the contract. So it's helping both at the same time. But if one person can outgrows earlier than expected, or, you know, someone's not moving along, maybe as anticipated, then that contract can be renegotiated. So we can re up a contract. This happens on a higher level with our guides pretty much negotiating around that with the other person's guides. Or it can also look like that individual is released from the contract, and someone called a placeholder comes in. So a placeholder is when one relationship ends, and you did not learn the lesson, and you think you're going in another way and meet someone else. And lo and behold, it's the exact same lesson you just had, it just looked different. You know, you had the you had the pink non contract, you know, glasses on going, Oh, yeah, you're different, right? Nope, it can be a placeholder, and that person holds the same energy. So that, you know, one individual can leave. So if you haven't resolved something, because we're so committed to our growth, we'll just continue to play it out until ultimately, it resolves or heals

Robert Wooten 28:27

In a simplified form. We've often said, if you don't learn the lesson, pay attention, because you're going to see it again and again and again. And that's where this shows up. And he's placeholder relationships through having that lesson being brought back up, because you didn't learn your part of it.

Christina Wooten 28:44

You You just re upped to a new contract with somebody else. You said, Yep, I still need this. They don't need it anymore. But I need it. I need that exchange. And, you know, the key always is, don't pay attention to what's on the outside, pay attention to what the inside because whatever's happening on the outside, in this circumstance can be specifically a catalyst, or is intended to be a catalyst to create or generate change internally. So when you have this repetition, with contracts and placeholders, around the same issue, or the same type of situation showing up, go deep within what have you not changed yet? What have you not explored yet? What have you not done to support yourself yet, and really hit bat and then keep moving forward. You cannot prevent a contract you cannot prevent, you know, place on as much as we want to. The other side of that is what are you doing? That's the same that is not expressing growth or transition or advancement or evolution. When you move into this new relationship out of the old relationship. What are you doing, that's the same, that's not showing that you actually learn

Robert Wooten 29:59

Lesson or you learned the theme, completed the theme from the last one.


Yeah, it reflection is always helpful. Sometimes we do have experiences that repeat itself in a similar way, it's not quite the same, but in a similar way. And if you did a lot of change internally around the first person that you had that initial contract with, or maybe even a later person, but yet, you're still finding that something shows up. What can also be is that if your soul zeroes in and says, I want to master this, so say, for example, you your soul says, I want to master boundaries. So I have a friend who is, for the most part a boundary Master, okay, they are great. With Yes, nope. And feel very, very comfortable in that space, and on multiple different levels. And they have had so many tests and experiences in places where part of them had to come out, or they had to express that part in so many different scenarios. So it's like, okay, she mastered one place, or one element, it's like, okay, now you're a little bit uncomfortable here, let's go to the next one. So it's the same message, it's just like a little bit different or slightly different. And that's usually a mastery element is your, especially if it's just this whole lifelong theme, it's going, yep, we're just, this is boundary life. We are learning self respect, here, we are learning autonomy and inner authority and power. So those are some underlying elements.

Christina Wooten 31:43

But as we talk about roles and talk about past lives, we play these roles for each other shifting around, so someone who's your husband, and one life can be your mother, and another life can be your child, and another life can be your boss, you know, five lifetimes ago and so forth. Because we are shifting around, sometimes that relationship, we can even project onto that person, some of the qualities or experience that we had. So there's a bit of a subconscious element, you know, we do carry a bit of that karmic imprint in our root chakra, and also into our DNA. So there is a sense of, even though we forget, forget, on a conscious level, our life, we are carry that knowledge, that connection to that knowledge with us always. And so if you had a really difficult experience with someone, you might still feel shades of that, or, you know, challenges of that. My big tip on this with soul family, and contracts and so forth, is not to mistake, familiarity with positive, there are some people that you will meet, and you just instantly feel connected and like it's familiar, it's easy. Well, it can be easy, because you know, vibrationally, you're similar match from a soul family perspective, even if they're acting in a certain way or taking the stage in a certain way, if you will, however, give that some time, do some due diligence, because that familiarity, yes, that can be the case, but they may be holding a whole different role for you this time. So you want to just let that flesh out. I've certainly had that a few times where that sense of familiarity like Oh, I know you and then was like, Oh, I wish I didn't know you this time. You know. So you just want to give that a little extra time with the familiarity, so that you can discern the, the appropriateness of how this person is showing up, Oprah had that awesome quote that I loved. And I apply it to this, if someone shows you who they are, believe them. is they're going to show you who they are, if you listen to who they are here, if you'll pay attention to their role if you'll pay attention to that personality and how it's expressing itself and how it connects with you on a deeper level. And then you can determine, okay, what does that mean for me now?

Robert Wooten 34:30

It's so hard to see people for who they are sometimes though, because we have a tendency to paint them with our brush, versus letting them reveal who they are, what they're doing. So it's hard to pull back sometimes that ego blanket that we post over someone else, and we want to say oh, well, I recognize them and we identify them this this way, versus what they're actually showing you is much more honest.

Christina Wooten 34:59

You Yeah, I would, I would definitely agree with that. And when we think about roles, thinking about the stage, you know, the Earth is one big grand stage, you can be the villain One day, the heroine, the next day, the horse, you know, another time. So it, it is also understanding that, that person,


it's about how they're showing up what role they're playing, which is more about what you need and what you don't need. So it's not saying, you are this, you know, terrible, horrible person, even though you know, our egos can feel that way. It's recognizing, well, that terrible, horrible person at the end of the day is going to take off that costume and take off that personality and release and let go and is this expansive, massive, you know, being that you love and or complete unity with? So the invitation that I would say in these situations or circumstances is to go is this experience is what I create with this person? Does that feel resonant? Does it feel right? Does it feel like it's taking me on a deeper level where I want to go? If I totally take logic out of it, if I completely take my mind and get out of overthinking does that combination, feel right? So thinking of the concept of being an actor on a stage and playing a role, you can go one step further about that, too. And if you think of watching your favorite show, and you see these two people performing these characters, and they are antagonistic, maybe one is just abusing the other one in a big way, and beating them down. And it's causing that character to have to grow in some way. But then, cameras stop rolling, the actors step back, they become themselves and they go out for coffee together their friends. So in between lives, we might find ourselves going, Yeah, that was rough. You were rough on me on that one. But look what I learned and like what I felt, let's go have coffee. It's more like work. They're high. fiving. Like, wow, good job, way to go. That was awesome. Yeah, that was amazing. When you did this, and I felt this anger. And then this happened. That was so good. You know, so there is like celebration that happens, because it's all about the learning, you know, we're celebrating the learning, it doesn't matter. You know, all of those elements. And that's simplifying it because it does matter to us on a human level. But, you know, the person who is really hurt you is very difficult is someone who's been in your life for a long period of time. In on a higher level, they're probably your best bud in this lifetime, because they are dragging up and out into the light stuff that is very difficult to deal with. And not pretty, and that is part of our journey.

Christina Wooten 37:54

That is, you know, the greatest growth, the greatest opportunities. So that is true support. In some ways, that does not mean that you go hang out with an abusive person and go, thank you so much for this beating that you're giving me today, emotionally or physically. And you know, not to simplify, you know, that situation. But it is important because spiritual people we get in this place of like, I want to give I want to be in unity, if I just show a little bit more love here for just, you know, do this, we can help shift this energy. But if someone shows you who they are, believe them, we don't attach to that person. It's the lesson the energy, that's what we attach to get there. There are a partner in some way bringing that out. But they are not a healthy person for you in this lifetime. Get away, do what you can to, you know, preserve and create safe, sacred space for yourself. When people do past life work. Or you might have a past like memory or you're doing a past life regression. There's so many different lifetimes, I mean, so many of these experiences, that we can't hold that kind of information through our brain just not able to process in any way shape or form. But what comes up is always anytime you remember a piece of that anytime you receive information about a past like it's because it's applicable and connected to your now. So it's important to explore when that comes up. What is relevant about that memory or what is relevant about that version of your what is relevant about this experience that you can apply now to what is currently happening. So if you're getting a message or having a reading because I have past life information come through for people and sometimes what occurs is it's a reminder to them of you have this bravery within you from this time. You You have this natural gift from this time that you're using in this lifetime. So it's helping to understand some of the things in your own personal treasure box of energy that you can pull out. So we're never getting that glimpse of information without purpose. Because we're not supposed to get too caught up in all the extra stuff, we need to be in the now we need to be here, we need to be able to be present. As we wrap up, I did want to just mention, in because our soul family is so vast, and we're incarnating with, you know, a certain smaller number of that soul family and others in our soul family are incarnating in the space with other members of the soul family, there are many members of our soul family who are still in the spirit world at the time that we are incarnated for the duration of this incarnation and more. And there have been times in my life where I felt alone or felt misunderstood, or felt like where's my people, you know, those and those are hard times, or places where I felt like I needed more energy or more support. And I had tried a lot of different things, and it wasn't working. And one thing that I did, which I found very supportive for me was to reach out not just to my guides, but also to my soul family. And just ask for a little bit of extra support, you know, thank you to myself that I know, we're learning many of the same things, I know that we're on this journey together. And I asked you to hold space for me and creating the revelation that I need. And I'm sending thanks to you. And I asked for just continuing to hold the space that I'm learning what I need to in this time. And it is a beautiful thing, because there are certain soul families who incarnate with especially if your system Buster or an indigo, you may incarnate with less of your soul family, you may be incarnating in other environments where you are bringing an entirely new vibration to that individual to that person as part of a form of service in a way. So that can be difficult if you don't have many people incarnated in your particular sphere of understanding. But know that your soul family in spirit is always there to support you, even your soul family that's here on the earth plane, there's always a level of connection with all things. And if you need extra help, if you need more learning, you can ask your spirit guides, particularly your teaching guides to help you go over your options to help you to understand what do I need to learn here? What What do I need in order to grow? Please give me the little tiny breadcrumb because your teaching guides are not going to just deliver on a platter. This is the lesson because then you didn't learn it. You know, you're just like, excellent, you know, thank you so much. But what they'll do is, how about this, and then a little insight comes up for you. And then here's another little teeny tiny nugget. Oh no. And that can be like a year at a time or working like with the same insight and integrating that. So our teaching guides are more interested in not just us performing, or creating a certain outcome that has zero meaning to them. The significant aspect to them is our integration of what it is that we've chosen to understand to experience in this lifetime. And, again, we talked about patients, they are exceptionally patient. So I hope that our podcast today just helps you to understand a little bit more about your soul family, how they show up, how you are co creating with them, and what's happening underneath a contract. So I hope that's been helpful for you. And I just want to say to everyone who's listening. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for being a part of our podcast family. Thank you so much for all the positive energy that you've been sending our way we just so appreciate all the notes we've gotten and your loving energy. So thank you so much and so grateful. Also for those that just recently have left some reviews. May that good energy that kindness come back to you tenfold. As always, we're grateful if you have questions or want to reach out or learn more about our services, connect with us at Sedona


The Modern Life and Spirit podcast is for informational purposes only. The information provided is not intended to provide medical, psychological, legal or financial advice.

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