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Overcoming Self doubt #19

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Do you find yourself at the moment of a big decision doubting your intuitive insight or questioning your judgement or ideas? It happens to everyone from time to time, but if it's happening to you more often than not, we're here to help you find your mojo again!

By using intentional practices and techniques you can retrain your brain to trust your instinct and walk confidently down the path to your future spiritual growth and fulfillment.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast we discuss:

* How self doubt works against your natural intuition (2:03)

* How to think like tiger (4:23)

* The ways self doubt interrupts your flow state and what you can do about it (5:26)

* The role ego plays in creating self doubt (7:10)

* How losing touch with your inner voice invites self doubt to take over (8:06)

* How to reframe your fear of the unknown to overcome your self doubt (10:07)

* Understanding the soul's directive to move you along your path (11:09)

* How to embrace peace in the middle of the chaos of uncertainty (15:27)

* How visualizing the best possible outcome can reduce your fear of failure (16:02)

* What is the “So What?” mentality and how it can help reduce your negativity (17:45)

* How Spirit sees what we call failure (20:18)

* How to embrace failure as part of the process of growth (24:00)

* How to develop a positive inner voice to overcome self doubt (27:50)

* Ways to reframe the pep-talk you give yourself to build your confidence (30:33)


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