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Are you Holding Space for Yourself? #77

woman sitting in window sill with pink rose pressed against her chest and eyes closed

You may have experienced someone holding space for you in times of grief or a difficult period in your life and the profound impact that space and sensitivity had on your process. Or perhaps you have done it for someone else, but you haven't really been practicing it for yourself. If you are not holding space - giving yourself the space to be physically, mentally and emotionally present- for yourself, you are missing out on a critical piece of deep self love and tenderness. On this episode we share small but mighty shifts to help you relate to yourself in a way that allows you to feel safe to fully blossom and reveal the best of yourself.

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Highlights of this episode:

* What does it mean to hold space for someone? 1:09

* Spirit Guides hold space for us also 3:20

* Signs that you may have trouble holding space for yourself and your own healing 5:09

* How to get started with holding space for yourself 8:36

* An illuminating exercise to see how compatible your head and heart are. 11:08

* Creating safe space with spiritually mature boundaries. 13:46

* Spiritual bypassing is the polar opposite of holding space. 16:45

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