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Overcoming Limitations: All Things Are Possible #72

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What do you believe is possible and not possible? The way we think about what is possible and what is real can actually be a form of limitation influenced by our beliefs. Finding a way to open your mind to accept that all things are in fact possible is a form of psychic and spiritual liberation that can lead to true freedom from limiting beliefs.

In this episode, we discussed:

*How we define reality can often be a form of self-limitation based on illusion 1:34

*Why the Laws of Physics don't really define “reality” 3:46

*What is an “apport” and what do they signify? 4:18

*Overcoming limiting beliefs in goal setting 7:14

*Empowering your way out of limitation-based thinking 9:41

*The power of believing that everything is possible 11:24

*Three self-empowering statements you can use to increase your ability to expand

your capabilities 12:40

*How to tell if a positive affirmation is working for you 13:56

*The importance of finding the right mentor or teacher 17:33

*The power of belief in expanding your mind and understanding 18:59

*How to reinforce your belief of unlimited possibilities 21:20

Mentioned in this episode:


intuition quiz

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