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How to know when to share Intuitive Impressions #26

If you have ever received a really strong intuitive message or impression that involved someone else, but you weren't sure how they would respond if you told them, you probably also felt that nagging doubt as to whether that was the right thing to do or not?

How do you know when you should share, and when you should just hold on to that info for your own information?

There are several key elements that can help you know which you should do, and what to look for in the messages themselves, to help guide you and give you more confidence.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast we discuss:

* Two examples of when you should involve another person in your intuitive impression


* The importance of having a receptive person to share the information with (13:30)

* Receiving impressions about others that are just for your information and guidance


* One strong way Spirit lets you know you really should share the insight you are given (18:39)

* The 8 ethical Gateways to determine if your message is appropriate to share (19:26)

* Why “ambush” messages are not a good thing (especially in the supermarket) (28:15)

* How to let a message go that you know is not one you should share (30:29)

* What is could mean if you are continuously receiving intuitive impressions for others



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