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Manifest through the Divine Feminine with the Moon Phases #57

For centuries we have looked to the sky for answers and assistance with our lives, and there is no heavenly body closer to us than the moon. So it is no surprise then, that so many through the eons have aligned their energies and efforts to the cycles of the moon, using it as an astrological timer to help in manifestation and creation of a more fulfilling life.

On today's episode we will focus on the two main phases - the new moon, and the full moon - We share the metaphysical aspects of these moon phases, how it is linked to the Divine Feminine and why you should be using the power of the moon to supercharge your manifestation efforts.

In this Episode of Modern Life and Spirit Podcast, we discuss:

* The calling for everyone to step into their Divine Feminine power (1:59)

* How honoring the Divine Feminine heals burnout (3:01)

*Recognizing the moon's link to the Divine Feminine all around us. (3:37)

* The tangible effects of the moon's influence on the Earth. (4:35)

* How the moon phase influences when to plant your garden, having a baby, and mental stability (5:27)

* The Metaphysical energy of the New Moon. (10:48)

* The Metaphysical energy of the Full Moon (15:44)

* The impact the moon's phases can have on your business, your daily life, and how to make the most of it. (18:42)

* A Free Guide to help you engage and align with the power of the New and Full Moon. (20:44)


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