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The Roadmap to setting goals with Spirit #31

Setting realistic forward-moving goals is a critical part of any successful plan for future growth. But creating that plan from your own experience or knowledge base can leave you lacking crucial insights that could help guide you effectively.

Connecting with Spirit and utilizing their infinite resources and universal viewpoint as a part of your goal-setting plan will help propel you so much farther and more accurately along your path of growth and success.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we discuss:

*The relationship between goal setting and manifestation (2:24)

*A simple mindset shift if you struggle to set goals by seeing them as intentions (3:32)

*The connection between goals and security (7:22)

*How our Spirit Guides’ understanding of who we are helps them help us (9:57)

*The relationship between goal setting and ego gratification (10:52)

*Why you should always consider your internal growth when setting your goals (13:30)

*Specifics matter (17:23)

*Finding your motivation (18:24)

*How are you showing up? (20:30)

*Ask and accept (22:36)

*Creating in the astral realm first (24:48)

*Creating energetic connection between your goals and physical reality (28:52)

*What to do with a plan (31:03)

*Be open (33:58)

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Tue, 6/1 8:44AM • 39:38


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Narrator, Christina Wooten, Robert Wooten

Robert Wooten 00:02

Co-creating with your spirit guides is one awesome way to empower your goals and align with spirit's infinite resources. Today on the podcast we are diving into aligning your goals with your spiritual and creative power.

Narrator 00:21

Welcome to the Modern Life and Spirit podcast where we explore spiritual topics relevant to today's world. Your hosts certified psychic medium, Christina Wooten and Reiki Master Teacher, Robert Wooten break down how to work with spirit to create more positive growth in your life. Consider this podcast your go to spiritual resource for navigating the modern world.

Christina Wooten 00:45

Hey, they're kindred spirits. Welcome to modern life and spirit podcast. My name is Christina Wooten, and I'm here with Robert Wooten today from SedonamMedium. com. So today we're going to be talking about goal setting, and how to use your intuition and work with your spirit guides in order to apply that, and also to strengthen the goals that you have. When we think about goals, I always come to the concept of creating your reality because we have a choice in how we participate, how we experience life. Sometimes that choice involves our mindset. Sometimes that choice involves how we're moving and expressing the energy that we have. So we always have a way to express ourselves and to create with whatever materials or resources and circumstances we have going on with our life. And goals is one way that we participate in creating a reality for ourselves. Because otherwise, without a goal, you're drifting a little bit like the boat out in the sea without, you know, having your sails up. And you're not being the captain of your ship. And so a big part of learning how to create your reality and just participating in the process of your life is about directing your energy with goals. And so I want to talk about how do we bridge this connection with our spirit guides, connection with our higher self, in order to really amplify the quality of our goals and amplify ultimately, the results.

Robert Wooten 02:24

When you're talking about goal setting and creating a reality, as we look at things like manifestation, if you want to amplify your ability to manifest, you have to have a goal set to reach that level of what it is you're trying to manifest. It won't just happen immediately. You can't just say, "I want to manifest a new car," and just expect it to show up. But you can set a goal for how you're going to reach the level of being able to get this new car and be ready for it when it comes in to be there.

Christina Wooten 02:54

Co creating, participating steering your ship, directing your energy is an enormous part of manifestation. You need a target point to, you know, say, "Okay, I'm creating this," so absolutely. And I've had trouble with goal setting. This is no longer been an issue for me, I think I've you know, set a lot of goals really easily now, but several years ago was a big issue. And what I had to shift my mentality around was just the word "goals." I associated that word "goals" with things that I didn't necessarily resonate with. And what I needed to do for myself was to transition the thought of a goal to an intention. That what you're doing is you're creating a very firm, grounded anchored intention that you're feeding with energy constantly. An intention, I totally resonated with, I got it. And a goal is just a big version of that. But at that time, my fear was I need a lot of shift and change and flexibility and creative freedom. And my fear was if you make a goal, it's this long standing thing. And the long standing thing means that for however many years or however long that time process would be a manifesting or achieving that goal, I would have to be the same person as when I started the goal to begin with - that there wasn't really room to flex or change and to shift. And that was really my fear that kept me out of goals. Because you know, in the world of spirit, you're really responding to energy, you're shifting, you're allowing yourself to continuously create the highest and best most evolved version of yourself that you can be, and that involves a lot of internal challenge. So I had to really let go of that fear that the goal also was like this burden in this prison, and that instead it was this something I could be excited about. It was a rudder. It was something, like it was the sail that was helping me to direct to where I wanted to go. And then I could always shift or refine, because usually that's what happens is the goal itself in the big picture is moving me in the direction I want to. But as I go along, I might refine it a little bit or shift it to help match my frequency and vibration.

Robert Wooten 05:16

So you were seeing a goal - once you establish what that goal is, and lock into it - that you're committed in some way that it inhibits your freedom. Are you feeling like it's inhibiting your freedom of choice, once you've set what that goal is, you can't alter or change and this road that only can lead you in that one direction?

Christina Wooten 05:35

That's exactly what it was. I mean, it felt like a prison. And to me, it really was just an expression of fear that I have that I wouldn't be able to flow in my life. So being able to have that permission of "you can do both," and to look at goals as an intention. And then intention, the more that you - the more that you grow, the more that you develop, the more refined your intentions become, the clearer you get to "I like this, I don't like this, let's move it a little bit more into the spectrum and direction." But we've also talked a lot about in the podcast about how we can experience themes and parts of our life on dimensions. And intention, and goal setting is one way that we can direct that energy so that we are intentionally moving to one side of the spectrum when we're talking about lessons. So with freedom that we're moving, you know, towards the highest end of that versus the imprisoned end of that.

Robert Wooten 06:38

I think there's an interesting, comparative between goal setting and security. Once you establish what a goal is going to be, and you set up, "this is why I want to reach this particular goal" and manifest the other end of where that goal ends up and takes you and then forward from there. That provides a level of security because it gives you a direction, you're not just floating around, and you're not just bouncing from place to place, and whatever happens and you're being reactive to it. You're more on purpose. And I think that the more you have a purpose, that's what your goal is, is what you're kind of aligned with what your purpose is.

Christina Wooten 07:17

Yeah, I love how you described it "on purpose," on purpose. So true.

Robert Wooten 07:22

So when you have understood what your purpose is, and you understand what your goal is, or at least if you have an outline of what you think your purpose is, and then you have a goal that you're trying to reach and establish that can create a pretty good outline for security and feeling more secure in the direction that you're going. And so to not have that I think could make you feel insecure, make you feel unsure of what tomorrow might bring or the next day or five years or 10 years from now. And the more that you can have this directive or this intention of reaching forward to this place you're trying to go, which is your end goal. And you can have many small goals in between here and there. And I think that's what, if you had thought about that, when you were younger about how you felt like this long range five year, 10 year goal was so restrictive. If you had known that you can set these smaller goals and milestones in between that and sometimes those might deviate slightly off, it might be on an adventure over here, learning about something else that is eventually going to come back around and let you get back on the road towards your goal. But maybe you need some refreshment, or some new energy to help keep you motivated to moving towards what your goal is.

Christina Wooten 08:33

For each person, you have to honor who you are in every experience. And what I didn't know, in that time, and, you know, listeners if you guys are like me is, you know, you're looking for, like, what's the intersection between who I really am and some of these concepts that seem to help people feel more assured. To help people feel more like they're living their life on purpose. I wanted that experience, but I didn't know how to do it and honor who I am. And of course, that's part of the spiritual journey of learning and knowing yourself and being able to self celebrate, to respect that, to move more in that direction. And I needed more of that insight, that it was okay for me to be that and then I could still do things in my own way. And you know, I've had so many conversations actually recently, that had been about that same concept of getting out of the idea of the box, you know, feeling restricted by, you know, some of society's boxes. But really, it's more of the mindset of this is what it has to look like, because this is what the media, you know, demonstrates or shows or values. So we're inundated with these ideas of what this looks like. But in reality when we look at how people are living, you know, there's so many things that we can take away from that concept that really aren't being represented in a bigger picture way. But I think that our guides, really understand who we are, as beings, they understand what we need and what makes us feel alive. And they're able to really help us in this whole process of goal setting, to make sure that we're still true to ourselves - that we're still in alignment that we're not, you know, saying, "Oh, I want this," but really, that has nothing to do with your soul path or your heart, and you're just going to self destruct it anyway. It's not going to always give us the answer of "this is how you do it." Because we're not learning that way. If our guides just go, "This is it, period."

Robert Wooten 10:33

Or just handing it to you and saying, "Okay, have this thing without working for it."

Christina Wooten 10:36

Yeah, you lose authority to just, you know, our guides are like the teacher who wants us to understand the why once is to understand what's happening underneath. And then we deliver, you know, the, the growth. I've also heard some rumblings, (we'll call it rumblings) rumblings about, you know, the concept of ego with goals. And I do see this a lot in the spiritual world where there's a rejection of structure or rejection of things that are typically associated with this masculine energy of business and developing and growing and pushing ourselves, challenging ourselves. There seems to be an association between that and ego. So because it's painted with that same brush, it seems to be this belief, or, you know, this limiting idea that those things are bad, or those things are, you know, taking you away from spiritual growth, and so forth. My response to that is that everything that we do, technically, just in existing in a physical body technically has ego to it, period. It's just comes with the whole body thing. But using your creative power isn't ego. Because are we going to say that God or Goddess, is pure ego, for creating universes and dimensions? And people? Because wouldn't that be the same thing as "Okay, we've got this expression of preference or expression of creative power, and a lens for that, that we experience it in?" Do we say that that is pure ego?

Robert Wooten 12:23

I think there's another way to look at that too, another element to what you were talking about. When people look in the spiritual world and spiritual development world, there is this desire to shun anything that has anything to do with the physical realms. And you would say that setting a goal, to try to achieve something in the physical realm is not spiritual, that's why people think it's associated with the ego, I believe, is because the ego, like you said, is attached to the body. And it's part of living in this in this body and trying to achieve things through the body, in the three dimensional world. So if you are setting these goals, then you're you're getting deeper into the physical world. And I don't think that's true. And I think, I love your connection back to the creation of the universe and the creation of planets and the creation of, of the physical world itself by Spirit themselves. How can you say that those things are not connected? When Spirit is the creative force behind everything we know, in the physical world.

Christina Wooten 13:26

It's not also to say that goals can't be empty. You know, for me, when I'm goal setting, I'm really looking at what internal change, I think it's going to create within myself. To me, it's not as significant the output of "I want this XYZ thing." To me, it's more, "I want to feel and express myself in this way." So that becomes the value that intrinsic shift inside. If you are just saying, "I want x, y, z," but it doesn't have an intrinsic, you know, deeper connection with you. They can be hollow goals, they can be things that, you know, do lead you in a place of discovering that they're hollow goals and looking for something else.

Robert Wooten 14:08

So you're saying your goal would be best served, if it's also along your growth path,

Christina Wooten 14:12

Anything is best served, if it's along your growth path, for sure. So wherever it is actively saying, "I'm going to improve this," versus it being this passive thing where Spirit has to keep just delivering you lessons over and over again. Eventually, there comes this breaking point where you say, "I want to get better at this because clearly I'm sucking at it," you know, and, and but that's where the the juice comes in, like the good stuff of life, because then we're doing the real work because it's totally aligned with, "Alright, you're on the right track." Now you're leaning into it. Now you're saying "I know, I want to shift this and change this expression. I don't know how to do it in this consciousness." So in order to do that, these are the resources that I'm bringing on board, these are the places that I'm stretching, to help me to learn how to be better at that.

Robert Wooten 15:06

So then when you ask for Spirit's assistance in that, they already recognize that you're doing it with this alignment, in your forward momentum, your growth path, to reach this goal, and then they can offer you this better assistance, because they'll be more willing to offer you the assistance.

Christina Wooten 15:24

Listen, I think that when we make that level of decision that they have, like a full on party, and parade and Spirit like dun, dun dun dun dun "Good job!" That, you know, it's like balloons, they're streamers, there's confetti, it's all biodegradable, of course.

Robert Wooten 15:40

Spirit cheerleaders, I like it.

Christina Wooten 15:42

Yeah, but it's like, "Yes, awesome!" You know, it's this huge power of alignment, where suddenly you have these paths that have converged. And when that happens, it's like, boom, you're in your creative potential, and what better way to utilize your creative power and your creative potential than to help yourself grow, and to create goals, to guide you in that process to keep you accountable to keep you pushing forward and not having to reinvent the wheel every day, when you wake up and go, who am I? What am I doing? What am I working towards? You know, that can be nice for vacation, but as far as delivering us in a big picture, it doesn't take us there. And if we think about, gosh, our time, from when we're children, you know, that takes a while, and then when we're older, so like going on there, you know, our time of being able to really express ourselves is so limited. You know, really, we think of it as this long period this long time. But I don't see it from that perspective, from Spirit's perspective at all. So we want to direct that growth. We want to empower ourselves in that way.

Robert Wooten 16:57

So how do we integrate our goal setting with working with Spirit and giving our spirit guides, feedback and input into what it is we're trying to do for our goal setting?

Christina Wooten 17:09

I have seven steps that are how I process and how I work with goals. That's what works for me. So I'll just pass it along to others. This is my roadmap for how to work with spirit to set those goals. So number one is, you have to get clear about what you want, to get specific, to nail down the actual numbers of whatever it is that you're trying to achieve to say, Okay, if I'm wanting this, what does that look like? Okay, you want to work how many days? You don't want to work three days out of the week, great. You know how many hours so it's getting very specific about it. And as part of this, too, I like to go back and declutter old goals, too. So if there are things that really no longer fit, where I'm going - my vibration - if I've kind of refined myself out of them, or, you know, no longer feel excited by them, then I release, and declutter and really bring to my focus, what are the two major things that I'm working on right now? If there's too many goals, for me, I get overloaded, it becomes limiting. So I like two goals as my primary, and that's pretty much it. And then I might have some little ones in between. When you're also thinking about what it is that you want, the primary thing that I think is the most important of that is not just labeling it, but it's also to understand why? Why do you want that because most of the time, the why is more the motivator than the thing. You know, the why is going to help you move through the journey. So if you want to work three days, and you know, five hours of those days, because you want more time with your family, you want to be able to be present with them and present with your children. Or say you want to have more time for travel or your goal is to have this much in your savings account so you can go to Thailand, like you've really wanted to do. So it's understanding like, "Okay, I want this but it's because I'm creating this thing." So get clear on what that why motivator is because that's going to help you get between a to b, when it feels like there's too much of a gap in between.

Robert Wooten 19:24

I've given a bit of thought to this as I began to learn about this idea of what is your "why." When I first heard that it took me a while to understand what that really meant. The reason why understanding what your why is, is because when you want a thing or a goal that keeps you - that's left brained, that's you having a rational, concrete connection to a thing or a goal or money or a job or whatever, your why is emotional. And anytime you can incorporate an emotion into your, into your goal setting or into your manifestation. Emotions are the driving force of that, emotions are the creative aspect. They give the spark to the creation aspect. And so when things are difficult, when you're looking at the physical side of it, and it's getting too hard or the, just the details seem overwhelming, the why driving emotion can help push you through that.

Christina Wooten 20:21

Yeah, love that as being a harmonizer. I like that a lot. So number two in the roadmap is make sure that you are willing to do your part. Because you have to be willing to show up if you are changing circumstances or experiences or, external or internal, then it involves a change of consciousness. Otherwise, you would already have that experience. So as a result, there is internal and external work that you're going to bring to this process. And your spirit guides - hate to tell you are not fairy godmothers. Okay, it is not like on Cinderella, "Okay, I'm gonna wave my magic wand," or like genies, you know, "Whatever your request is." You have to put in the work, they're supporting your process, they're helping you so much. But ultimately, it's us that has to show up for that work, and to help ourselves align our own energy. So when you set a goal, when you're serious about it, be ready to put forward the energy and the time to create it. Don't just go okay, hang in this on this hangar over here and just it's going to happen magically, it's well, it's more about the journey of how do you change your consciousness? What are you going to learn in that experience? You know, that's, that's the fun part, right? I also like to mention, too, that sometimes when you set a really big goal, you may not realize that certain threads of your life web are connected. But as you start doing the work, and as you start changing, you might see some of these other same places in life, start to shift and change too. So it's like a revolution, at times really happens in our life, especially when we're making that big change. And so this is another you know, being willing to do the work. When you're feeling that shift come on, is to know that it's exciting, this is a good indication that you're making big change, powerful change. And we have to acknowledge and appreciate that, too. Okay, so number three, on the roadmap to working with Spirit for setting goals is to ask for feedback. And my favorite question, and this is feedback, not from everybody else. But we want to ask for feedback from your spirit guides. So checking in. And my favorite question is to start with "Will this be supported?" Because that tells me is this alignment in a big picture way for where my soul is trying to go? And if Spirit says, "No," then I understand that there's some sort of revision that I need to make. So somewhere, I'm not either being honest with myself, somewhere, I'm not really representing who I truly am. And then I need to get more authentic. So it's an invitation to go, you are not knowing yourself right now. And then that becomes part of the journey. But how we all receive feedback from Spirit is different. And we did talk in Episode 21, called "Following Your Excitement," about that energy of resonance, of knowing and feeling a physical sensation, when you are on the right path and on the right track. And so we go into some of that description. But that can be one way that you can get that feedback. If you've done some deeper intuitive development work or you know, trying to do that you can connect with Spirit, and using the dominant language or psychic pathway that you have, be able to receive additional information or additional insights about your particular goal. Sometimes it's about yeah, you're on the right path. Sometimes it's giving you a little bit of extra details about maybe you start here. But I feel like Spirit has this great way of helping us prioritize and put things into perspective. So if we don't invite Spirit's feedback, what happens is that we're looking at it from you know, this small level, and we're not able to really look at it in the big picture. And that keeps us more limited.

Robert Wooten 24:37

Then we're down in the weeds instead of up in the sky.

Christina Wooten 24:39

Right, exactly in the weeds, for sure. So number four in our roadmap, and I'm going to just go ahead and tell you this is woo-woo. It's real woo-woo. Okay, I mean, that's what it is, but this is what works. So number four is to create it in the astral realm first, okay. So, question about the astral realm, when we think about out of body experiences or if you have a very deep meditation where you begin to lose track of your physical body, that is moving into the astral realm. Also, when you have certain dreams, or maybe you visit with a loved one on the spirit side, that is also in the astral world as well. Okay, so it's like a different dimension. It's still connected with our current dimension in a way, but it is the astral realm. So I love to do a Marvel reference every now and then, you can tell I have kids because we love to watch Marvel. Dr. Strange, when he goes to the Ancient One, and she, you know, shoves him out of his physical body and the astral body is moving back and forth from the dimensions. That's what we're talking about, okay? I had a shamanic journey one time, and one of the things that I was taught and brought back into this life experience was about how we have to create things in the astral world first, and then from there, it develops into something that's physical. So this is why mindset is really important. This is why visualization really works. This is how positive affirmation works. Because we begin to create an energy in the astral world that begins to develop and form itself. And then from there, it forms itself into the physical. So it's utilizing the power of Spirit, the power of the astral world, to create things more quickly. And the way that you do this is to create it in your mind. So do a lot of visualization. When you're doing this, anchor it in, feel it in your body, feel what it feels like to be successful at your goal. Feel what it feels like and where you feel it in your physical body, when you are doing the thing that you're wanting to do. What emotions come up for you, as you feel that you're standing there and being appreciated for this achievement, whatever it happens to be? And also go a little bit deeper by getting your senses involved, because again, that creates a strong realism that adds lots of depth, lots of layers as we're creating in the astral world. But it's not creating at one time, it's revisiting it. It's building that specifically through using your creative and your mental energy to imagine this happening, imagine exactly what it feels like. Imagine what the physical, and sensory sensations are, that go with that experience. And then that begins to really create big shifts more quickly in the physical world, because then once it's there in the astral world, it really forms, boom, boom, boom.

Robert Wooten 27:46

I think that's also important to understand why you have to be very intentional, very specific about what it is you're trying to create. So that when you go back and revisit it, it's the same thing, it's the same, only with more details, perhaps if you were thinking of one particular thing, and then the next time you visit, you bring something more detailed to it.

Christina Wooten 28:08

And I do want to clarify because not everybody is a visual person. And so I think that can bring up a little bit of a hang up for people who aren't, that "If I've got to create it, you know, in my mind, like, I can't see it." That's okay, if you're not a visual person, you don't have to be to create something in the astral, you just feel it. You know, feel or sense something being around you some sort of a representation of that occurring, that goal achievement, but just use your feeling. So use it in your own words, but know that you don't have to be able to see every little detail and be visually oriented to do this. Okay, so number five, in this roadmap to working with Spirit for your goals is to take the goal from the mental to the physical world. This is another layer of we're bringing it down, we're creating that bridge and connection between the astral world and the physical world. And in doing that, write it down is really simple. Write down specifically what your goal is, and also what your commitment to yourself is using those emotional triggers for you that keep you motivated. Also, add it to your vision board. And we talked about that with "Amping Up Your Vision Board" in episode seven. So if you need some extra help with your vision board, I would definitely check that particular episode out but some way you want to visually manifesting creative now things that I have done in the past is when I was really working with a positive affirmation, then I would write down this affirmation over and over again on like a ton of post it notes. So each post it note had one, that same information on it and then I would put it all over in different places. So I'll put it in the mirror. I will put it in drawer, I would put it you know, in a notebook in my planner, I would put it everywhere. Because I needed that visual reminder to be like, let's say this, let's start anchoring it in. And also using the beauty and the power of your voice by speaking something into truth. So saying your positive affirmation, saying I am achieving this, you know, that is powerful, your voice has creative power and potential. So utilize that. And in the same way, don't dilute what you're creating by using your power. Without integrity, that what was the book, The Four Agreements that really talks about one of the agreements is about using your words impeccably. So that I think that's a great way to understand more of the power of the voice, I recommend that but just wanted to mention, the more you are bringing that astral connection into the physical, the more you're creating it more quickly. So number six, is to make a plan and be consistent with it. Okay, so how are you aligning your energy and making space for it break your goal and your plan just down into steps. So what is your roadmap that you need to get there, and then ask spirit for help and input in a practical way, what I do is, and I'm going to use this example about scheduling. So I have to schedule things several months in advance because I'm an appointment based business. And people aren't always spontaneous about I wanted this week, or I'm booking further out. So I usually plan a few months in advance. Now, conscious Christina doesn't always know the things that are coming up. And one of the things that is important to me, and that I love about being self employed, is to be able to be there for the special things for my children. So that when at the last minute they have a graduation ceremony at the last minute they have a presentation or project, I have the ability to be there. And that is a huge priority and motivator and why for me personally. But I don't always know that that's coming. So what I do is I sit down with my calendar. And when I'm planning, I asked my guides to help me know where to schedule what days. And sometimes they'll go "Nope, nope, nope." Then I'll be like, "But why?" And what I've always found is that if I'm not scheduling a day that I normally would, then there is always a reason for it. And usually it's something pops up or somebody's sick, something happens. And so just inviting Spirit into your roadmap when you are scheduling, okay? When would be a good month for me to do this and feel into it? One thing you can do is just flip your calendar, from month to month to month, and just see what you feel around it. That can be an emotional feeling as you go from one month to the next it can be a resonant feeling of like, yes, you're feeling a universal "Yes." But try different things to get that feedback, especially if you're working with timing. Or if you're creating a written plan to see Is there anything that pops out at you when you invite Spirit to give you this feedback that feels wrong, that feels yucky or not right. Then get rid of that and see what else comes to you. Ask yourself to be inspired. Ask your guides to help inspire you to understand what other things you might need to add to roadmap and that may come to you through dreams, it may come to you to insights within you know, different times in the week. So just be flexible for how that information can come to you. But keep revisiting your plan. And also know like we talked about earlier in the episode, that things do need to be a little bit flexible for you sometimes. Our last one is number seven, which is ask for Spirit's help in implementing your plan and achieving your goal. This is one that I feel like gets forgotten or gets missed is to ask for help. When we do invite help, we're able to receive so much more. Imagine when we, you know are learning something new. And we go to the teacher and say, you know, this is what I've come up with? How can you help me? How can you help me go a little bit deeper. And just in creating that invitation. A depth can come from that. So asking for help. That way spirits resources come together. And with your permission, help you to elevate your experience help you to go a little bit deeper with it. help you learn a little bit more help you draw resources and experiences to you. So let it be a revolving conversation. Ask for feedback also, you know down the line. So don't just consider, "Okay, I got feedback one time, when I asked, will this be supported?" We want to continue to ask is this part of this roadmap is that supported, is how I'm living right now, in connection with this goal is that being supported. So continuously asking for help, and support creates even more resources for you.

Robert Wooten 35:25

Part two of asking for help is being open to receive it when you get it. I think so many people will say, "I need help doing this, I need help I need assistance, I need guidance." But then they don't realize that their mind is actually closed to the concept of actually receiving that, if the input doesn't come to them exactly in the way that they want it. So you might ask for help in something, but you might be presented with something that's different than what you think might be the direction that you thought you were going, and Spirit might be leading you into a slightly different direction, from Their advanced place of knowledge and wisdom. You have to be open to receiving that and following it.

Christina Wooten 36:07

That's really true. I think we all do that, you know, there's, there's always this attachment that we develop, you know, in our, in our mindset that has a certain rigidity, you know, the brain sort of thrives in, like the boxes. So that just happens. But I think if we can remember always, that spirit will always lead you to the highest and the best if you listen. So sometimes our goals are actually too small. Sometimes it's we're cheapening ourselves for the big change that can really happen. And so Spirit will help us to go, "How about bigger? How about better? Let's go over here." So you can never go wrong when you're really listening to your heart, when you're listening to your resonance, when you're listening to your guides. Because we have to trust that from this higher perspective, we are growing, and I have definitely found in my life that anytime I've listened, it has done nothing but help me and support me and tremendously. So I know that in the times where I'm questioning or don't have faith or are nervous, or like going, "You guys are crazy, I'm not gonna do that." Then, especially if it's awkward, or uncomfortable, or goes against some norm. What it allows me to do is have faith, and I know this is gonna work out. And every time I've done that one extra step. And I've seen you do that one extra step, then there's the reward on the other end. Co-creating with Spirit, seeing it is a collaboration, and a group project versus a singular project, we can do so much more and just trusting that those breadcrumbs are taking us always to the highest and the best. And if you think you're going backwards, you're not, you're not. You're actually going around an obstacle, around a goal. So give yourself some space and how you frame things mentally. Of all of these, I think we can sum it down to: when you do the work with Spirit, you always have better outcomes. That's it. That's the wisdom today: if you do the work with Spirit, you will have better outcomes, in all ways. Sending all of our listeners today - just each of you - so much love, so much light, happy goal setting. And I hope this inspires you a little bit today to to revisit the goals that you have, what's on your heart, what it is that you want to create and start developing that in the spiritual realm as you bring it into the physical realm. If you want to know how you can support us and support this work and help our podcast continue to grow, leave a review, leave a review for other people. Help us reach those that really need these messages. And thank you so much for just being here for co creating and connecting with us today. Until next time, many blessings.

Robert Wooten 39:10

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