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Following your Excitement #21

How to listen to your resonance to let your Soul guide you

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Finding your excitement is more than just figuring out what things make you happy or what is fun to do.

It's a response to a message from your Higher Self about the direction you should be leading your life. It is the signals you receive within, that lead you to the path of living authentically in your power.

But once you find it, how do you integrate the message into your daily life? Working that out in a practical manner is the focus of this episode. We discuss how to find your excitement and share our experience with this empowering philosophy of living.

If you have ever struggled with:


-have daily battles between the mind and heart and aren't sure what to listen to

-want to understand what living authentically means

-felt afraid to actually follow your excitement and how others might react

-need help to know what to focus on amidst the noise

-are ready to challenge limiting beliefs and live in purpose

then episode 21 is where to start, to align with ease.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast we discuss:

* How to figure out what your True Excitement really is (1:03)

(Hint: It's not just doing what you think is fun, or makes you happy)

* How this type of excitement is directly connected to your Higher Mind (2:45)

* The importance of listening and understanding how your body communicates with you (4:31)

* How your excitement is unique to you and your path, and not like anyone else's. (6:34)

* As you grow and evolve spiritually, so does your excitement (8:22)

* Important: This is not a license to be immoral or break the law (10:33)

* What is revealed if you just pay closer attention in your life (12:50)

* Christina's first experience of this concept and how it changed her view of life (14:23)

* How this embodies true freedom for those who really commit (19:17)

* The three part process to finding your resonance and build confidence with action (20:34)

* What to do about things that “have to happen in a certain way and time?” (23:33)

* How to incorporate this aspect and create more authentic communication (26:40)

* What is an “Irish Goodbye” and how can you use it? (29:31)

* The importance of being in your tribe (31:00)

* How a book about divorce ultimately embodies finding your true excitement (34:30)

* Is any of this true for you? Why you should always test things out (36:23)

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