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Tech issues and energy sensitive people #35

spiritual computer with pink assessories

As an energetically sensitive person, intuitive or otherwise psychically inclined, you are probably all too familiar with things like the “blue screen of death,” touch pads not responding to you, or any of a thousand different ways today's hi-tech devices refuse to work properly in your presence.

It can be absolutely maddening, especially when you are on a deadline and need to get stuff done, but if you shift your mindset slightly, you might be surprised to find out that these “challenges” can lead to some pretty interesting insights about your gifts and skills.

On this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we discuss:

*How to change your mindset about your technology issues and find the silver lining (1:57)

*Why some types of people seem to have a lot more issues with technology and others seem to be able to fix them instead (Hint: Having a Capricorn around is helpful!) (4:27)

*What it may mean if you are constantly having issues that only seem to happen to you (5:30)

*Understanding the different types of physical phenomena (6:57)

*The general requirements for physical phenomena to occur (9:27)

*How your auric field disrupts electronic (RF) energy (10:34)

*The importance of grounding excess energy, especially when you're stressed (11:59)

*The role quartz in the electronic devices plays from a metaphysical perspective (13:06)

*How to make your devices work better (15:24)

*Why it can be better to hire someone else to do your IT work than you trying to figure it out (16:00)

*How crystal healing techniques can protect your electronics (17:25)

*The hidden gift of having these kinds of issues (19:18)


Hey - before you go, share some good energy and let us know if you enjoy the show by giving us a review on Apple podcast!




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