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Arizona's Most Haunted Location: The Jerome Grand Hotel #156

image of the Jerome Grand Hotel at daybreak

The Most Haunted Location in Arizona: The Jerome Grand Hotel

We could call this episode the time Christina almost visited Arizona's most haunted location .... considering she walked only a few steps into this building before immediately walking right out the door! The Jerome Grand Hotel, located in the picturesque and historic mining town of Jerome, Arizona (only a few miles from Sedona, AZ), is widely considered one of the state's MOST HAUNTED locations. This imposing building, originally constructed in 1926 as the United Verde Hospital, has a storied past that contributes to its eerie reputation.

The Jerome Grand Hotel's haunted reputation primarily stems from its former use as a hospital, where numerous patients met their fates, both natural and otherwise. The hospital treated miners and townsfolk for a variety of injuries and illnesses, including the devastating effects of the local mining industry. It's said that the residual energy of pain, suffering, and death from those days lingers within the hotel's walls.

Many visitors and employees have reported paranormal activity at the Jerome Grand Hotel. Some common occurrences include mysterious footsteps, disembodied voices, and inexplicable cold spots. Room 32 is particularly renowned for its ghostly encounters, with guests claiming to have seen apparitions and experienced unsettling phenomena. In this Halloween episode, we'll share about the history of the Jerome Grand Hotel and some of the haunting stories that put this site on the paranormal map.

(see below for pictures)


the jerome grand hotel on the hillside of cleopatra mountain in jerome,az

entrance to the Jerome Grand hotel with 4 red awnings and french door entryway

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