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Level Up your Meditation (10)

How to have better meditations

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We’ve all heard the benefits of daily meditation to help relieve stress and develop more peace and focus in our lives. And many have made sitting down for a meditation part of their spiritual self-care. But what do you do if you feel “stuck” in beginner level?

On this episode, we talk about four things you can do to deepen the quality of your meditation practice and break thru the meditation glass ceiling to help you reach the next level.

In this episode we discuss:

* The ultimate goal for doing meditation (4:29)

* Which two regions of your body/energy field get the most workout when you meditate? (6:34)

* Four practices you can do right now to help deepen the quality of your connection. (8:41)

* What can help you settle down so you can sit down. (8:55)

* Harmonizing the hemispheres of your brain. (15:47)

* How to warm up the spine to help energy flow through all your chakras. (18:15)

See Video Resource below

* Two breathing practices to help you prepare your mind to get deep (18:38)

Resources from podcast episode 10:

* How to - Alternate Nostril Breathing (18:38)

* Binaural Beats (12:31)

Bonus Resources:

Some of Christina's personal favorite meditation/music CDs -

Gateways to Higher Consciousness: Guided meditations channeled from Spirit by Christina Wooten

Some of Robert's favorite meditation CDs -

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