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2021 Energetic forecast (9)

2021 Psychic Predictions

When you plan a trip, don’t you like to know what the weather is going to be like at your destination? Well, why should life be any different?

Each year for the last 5 years, we have published an Energetic forecast for the coming year for you to understand what is headed your way in the New Year. Christina Wooten, certified psychic medium sits with Spirit to receive clarity on the overall energy of 2021 and how this will impact our group consciousness and individual life themes. We talk about how the frequency of energy that is moving through the Earth and our collective consciousness will impact the important areas of your life.

This year, we are sharing this information with you via an extended edition of our podcast, so you won't miss any of the insights Spirit has to help support you in this monumental year!

The Universal energy has a profound influence on our daily lives. So sit back and take note as we break down some of the overall, career, family, business, physical, and emotional influences you can expect on your journey through 2021.

In this episode we discuss:

* How to understand the energetic influences and how they affect your life. (2:38)

* Discovering the General Energetic Influences for the year (4:03)

* What will change the most? (13:29)

- Hint: You’ll never think of your finances the same way again.

- Getting comfortable with change.

* Guidance for the Empath (energy sensitive) in 2021 (14:25) and what crystals will help you most for shielding in 2021 (38:39)

* Career and Work Outlook (15:47)

- Finding your “Aha” moments again and again in your daily work.

- Don’t be so attached to the outcome, enjoy the process.

* If you own a business, what you should invest more in to boost your visibility in 2021 (18:15)

* Family and Social Life Influences (19:51)

- Be like the Wolf Pack and explore the world around you, then share your knowledge with the pack.

- Find your community that allows you the room to grow and learn.

* Influences on Health and Physical Wellbeing (25:15)

- How your posture can affect your quality of life

- How to prevent injury if you are exercising.

* Mental and Emotional Health in the year ahead (28:56)

- The importance of staying centered and grounded in the heart of change

* Spiritual Influences (31:02)

- Enjoy deep Spiritual work and personal communication with Higher Self.

- Influence of Aquarian energy and the aspect of detachment.

- Letting go of lower vibrational experiences.

* "So when you are in a particular place where you are feeling more lofty, more elevated, more expansive, less directly emotionally attached to certain outcomes - then that is the time to tackle what you have been struggling with." - Christina Wooten (36:09)

* Associations and Auspicious Practices (36:47)

- What the numerological influences of the year have in store for you.

- Which crystals are the best helpers with change and letting go? Which one will heal your heart this year? (39:05)

- Which yoga pose should you be perfecting in 2021 to release pain and trauma energy? (39:44)

- Which essential oils will best help support your growth?

- What colors are best to wear or paint your rooms?

- What the animal totems tell you about energy of the year ahead?

- What the symbols are ideal to mediate with in 2021? (46:35)

- Which cleansing practices you should be focusing on?

- What are the keywords of the year and how they represent the energy in effect.


To explore your 2021 experiences, schedule a psychic medium reading with Christina Wooten here.

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