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Differences between Angels and Spirit Guides #75

Angel wings with pink and purple starry background, with chakras in between the angel wings

Angels and Spirit Guides are different beings entirely - who serve a unique role in how they support you in your life. While they interact on the same plane and sometimes team up to work together, their purposes are different.

In this episode, we are sharing some of the differences between the mission of the Angelic beings and Spirit Guides and how that shows up in how they interact with you. We are also answering questions about what Angels can do that makes them unique. Want to understand who does what on the other side? This episode is a great place for you to get started.

In this episode, we discussed:

*Why it seems most talk of Angels has a lot of preconceived concepts 2:25

*How Angels may appear is determined by many different factors 3:36

*How to recognize your Spirit Guides, and understand their role in your life 4:39

*The Angelic role in the Divine plan, and your part in it 6:54

*Understanding the Angelic realm from a holistic viewpoint 8:53

*One main difference between Angels and Guides and how they interact with humans 10:53

*Christina’s personal experience with an angelic being in her car! 12:43

*Why Spirit Guides are more able to relate to you and your struggles 16:56

*Why Angelic Beings seem to always show up around mass tragedy 18:45

*The connection between your emotions and Angels 19:14

*Why Angels are like company CEOs and Spirit Guides are like direct life managers 21:07

*The value of having a close personal relationship with your Spirit Guides 21:43


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