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The Spirit of Money (11)

Exploring the Spirituality of Money

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Do you dream of riches and wealth and all the things money can buy? What if money was not just the paper and coins you use to purchase "stuff," but also the way you feel about yourself on a deeper level?

For some, spirituality and money seem to be two conflicting energies. Especially when we are surrounded by ideas such as "earning" money, which leaves an unconscious money block of not deserving money. Ever noticed how money is tied into guilt, fear, and anxiety for so many people? No wonder we aren't talking about it, sometimes avoid it, or maybe even reject it all together!

On today's episode we are building bridges between money and spirituality. We explore how to understand the energy of money and how to weave together spiritual thoughts into our material mindset.

Through applying a new, spiritual approach to your finances, you can tap into your true abundance potential.

In this episode we discuss:

* Two common abundance hang ups in the spiritual world - renunciation and charging for services. (2:26)

* What you need to understand about the true symbolism of money. (3:05)

* Why winning the lottery won't solve your money problems. (2:57)

* The popular cultural archetype that contributes to a negative perception of wealth. And where Christina reveals her 80's childhood without even knowing it ;) (4:37)

* Renunciation (5:30)

* Some of the baggage that weighs your vibration with money down (6:59)

* Christina shares how an experience on a trip to Sedona, led to a breakthrough in how to understand the meaning behind our manifestations (and you can do it too!) (7:40)

* The energy you create when you aren't charging in alignment with your sense of self-worth. (9:44)

* Viewing money as an energy (10:32)

* Action Step - aligning your finances with your true values (11:12)

* Action Step - identifying wasted money energy (14:55)

* If you don't have this, you are majorly limiting your money energy (15:31)

* Use this to amp up your abundance power (16:23)

* Saying 'Thank you' to your money when making a purchase to expand your abundance (17:32)

* What you pay attention to grows! Creating an abundance tracker (18:17)

*Resolving guilt, fear, and anxiety around money through gratitude (19:08)

* How imposter syndrome sabatoges your finances (21:13)

* An invitation to creating the new financial paradigm (23:43)

* Closing thoughts (25:03)

Resources from podcast episode 11:

"What you appreciate, appreciates!' - Lynne Twist (16:55)

Releasing Money and Abundance blocks - Denise Duffield-Thomas (mentioned at 18:17)

Bonus Resources:

Abundance affirmations

- I expand my capacity to receive blessings through welcoming abundance everyday.

- I adjust my vibration to align with my prosperity consciousness.

- In God's eyes and my own, I am worthy of every blessing.

- 'Thank you, money'

- I am spiritual and prosperous. I acknowledge my wealth every day.

- I express my spiritual values through my conscious use of money.

- I deserve every tool to create the life of my dreams.

Prosperity ponderings

- I don't have to "earn" money. I am worthy in every way.

- How are you breaking through fear and anxiety in your relationship with money?

- In your own mind, How are you cleansing the internal belief of 'Money is the root of all evil". What spiritual thought can replace this?

- Where can you free your self from judgement when you see others live their version of an abundant, prosperous life? As you release this energy from your projections on others, you free yourself.

Have you ever wondered where some of the negative beliefs you have about money come from? Why do you think "Money is the root of all evil," or that "all wealthy people are corrupt and selfish?" Getting to the bottom of those thoughts, and clearing them from your energy can not only open up your abundance blocks, but free you and the next 7 generations after you, from a lifetime of financial struggle.


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