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Alcohol-Free Drink Alternatives Taste Test #118

pink drink with ice and herbs on a white counter with herbs

Alcohol and sensitive bodies don't always mix. If you are looking for ways to cut back or remove alcohol all together, you may be wondering about some of the alternatives on the market.

Maybe you don't want to mix together 10 ingredients and you just want that easy breezy accessibility of something already prepared.

There are quite a few choices today for drinks with plenty of flavor but without the hangover or body blahs.

So how do you figure out which ones are bad and which you could proudly top with a piece of fruit or tiny umbrella and serve to your spiritual BFFs?

We have tried a few of them, and on this special episode, we share our taste test results for the best ones we have found!


**To learn more and see some other mocktail recipes for the DIYers in the bunch, see below after you listen.


Here are the brands we tried and share about in this episode:

We are not affiliated with these brands. If you make a purchase, please note that we are not responsible for your personal experience with them or their products. This is not an endorsement.

Want to try some DIY mocktail blends?

Here are some recipes that we haven't tried yet, but look oh so yummy ...

'This fall cocktail combines some of the best flavors of the season with fresh apples and ginger and sweet apple cider. It’s non-alcoholic so works for everyone. The recipe is easy to make and a refreshing way to enjoy a taste of fall.'

'This Strawberry Lime Basil Mocktail recipe is perfect for a gorgeous day on the patio. It’s light and spritzy with the perfect balance of sweetness. Serve it at your next weekend get together and listen to your guests rave about it…'

'I find the balance of a mocktail comes from a fruit, a herb, and then citrus to balance it all out. So in this mocktail, we have blackberries for a bright fruit flavor, lime juice for citrus acidity, and ginger beer for sweetness and spiciness.'

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