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Stop Hustling for your Worthiness and Speak your Truth #65

There are so many ways people pleasing can show up in your life, and if you have been a lifelong people pleaser recognizing this trait within yourself can bring up some deep seated feelings. It isn't a surprise that living outside of your integrity can bring up resentment, anger, stress, and self worth issues. Underneath the smile, or the "yeses" is a beautiful, radiant version of yourself that wants to come out!

One of the best ways to move beyond people pleasing is learning to stand in your own sense of power and speak the truth of who you are in any relationship or environment you find yourself in. So on this episode we are going to help you find out if you have people pleaser traits hiding behind your easy-going nature, and if you do, how to resolve them, find your voice and speak up for yourself.

In this episode, we discuss:

*How stepping into your integrity of who you truly are sets your more firmly on your path of living more boldly 2:47

*Recognizing the duality all around you and understanding that there is always a balance for what is you, and what is not, based on your perspective 3:48

*How understanding that having disagreements with others in our polarized society is just a manifestation of the counterbalance present in all of life 4:21

*The real reason why Empaths tend to fall into the role of people pleaser more often than others 5:31

*How the desire to people please eventually leads to anger, resentment and loss of self worth 6:51

*One quick way to tell if you are really okay with how someone is treating you 7:52

*The importance of letting go of what other people think, and owning our own story 9:27

* A new mindset shift to help you recognize the opportunity inside of any level of people pleasing in your life 11:15

*The “Top 10 Signs You May Be a People Pleaser” 12:27

*Why you don’t have to “hustle for worthiness” 18:13

*What is meant by the saying “Your Vibe attracts your Tribe” 18:46

*The one question you should ask yourself to radically move yourself beyond being a people pleaser 23:48

*How to turn disappointment into gratitude 24:39

Mentioned in this Episode:


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