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Ego Meltdown Survival Guide #46

When you hit those rough patches in life (and we ALL do!), it might seem natural to wonder if you can handle it yet again. Especially when it seems to always show up during or right after a period of amazing personal growth. But what if you found out that it was just your ego's way of trying to control and limit your growth? Would that make it easier? How about if we give you some insights that can show you a fresh perspective when your ego is trying to run the show and keep you contained and not growing? There, now doesn't that feel better?

On Episode 46 of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we discuss:

*What is happening during an Ego meltdown (1:26)

*How Chihuahua is similar to the Ego (5:03)

*An example of a real world Ego meltdown (5:39)

*4 things to do, if you are in the middle of an Ego meltdown (13:17)

*Special announcement! The How to Communicate with your Spirit Guides & understand their messages course is enrolling September 27th! (24:34)


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