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3 Ways to get Instant Intuitive Answers #28

Prime your Intuition with these 3 methods

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When you are working toward developing your intuitive access, it can sometimes seem difficult to do it “on demand.” So on today’s episode we share 3 simple, yet effective methods to allow you to direct, and even stimulate those impressions anytime so that you can more confidently connect with them and understand the insights within them.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we discuss:

* How your Intuition is like a cell tower, available for you whenever you need it (2:22)

* The importance of the opening prayer and setting your intention (4:21)

* What mudras are, and how you can use them in your intuitive practice (5:26)

* How to use your body to tune in and tap information you are receiving (7:13)

* Why saying something out loud can tell you if something “feels true” (11:21)

* Writing out your options to lead you to an answer (16:41)

* Why knowing your dominant Psychic Pathway is crucial to success (19:37)

* Which one simple mindset shift will bring you 75% closer to accessing your intuitive skills (24:09)

Additional Resources:

Mudras: Yoga in your Hands


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