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Cleansing Meditation for the New Year #163

woman with gray hair in profile with eyes closed and chakras superimposed, new year meditation

New Year Meditation

It's time to say a loving goodbye to the old and a warm, enthusiastic hello to the new!

In this episode, we've got something really special lined up for you... a New Year Guided Meditation.   Christina will guide you on a meditative journey to release old energies from the past year and ground into the Divine light within.  

Whether you've had a tough year or a fantastic one, this New Year meditation is your chance to take a deep, cleansing breath and let go.  Like, energetically pressing the reset button, where you clear out the old energies, say thank you for the teachings, and create space for new, positive experiences. ✨

In this new year meditation journey, you'll expand the power of your Divine Spark to a roaring fire within and receive guidance for the coming year.

Don't worry if you are new to meditation or are a seasoned pro - this meditation is for grab some blankets, extra pillows and get comfy as you welcome fresh, sacred energy into your life.

Share this New Year's meditation with those that you know would appreciate some connection time!


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